12 - 14 nov. 2024

Green Energy & Mobility

Hydrogen type 4 high-pressure cylinder
(Hexagon Purus, Norway): 

Flygo: Hydrogen storage from carbon fiber winding with thermoplastic binding
(Fraunhofer IPT, Aachen) 

Metallic bipolar plates for hydrolyse and fuel cells
(Cellform, Germany) 

Lignode: Lignine based batteries 
(StoraEnso, Finland): 

BioBattery: Battery housing made from natural fiber organic sheets
(Ansmann, Fraunhofer LBF, Germany):  


Smart Materials

World's first fridge working with magnetocaloric cooling
(MagnoTherm Solutions, Germany):  

Car door with vibroacoustic meta materials
(Fraunhofer LBF, Germany)

Programmable Materials
(Fraunhofer IWU, Germany)

Invisible Shield
(Invisibility Shield Co., UK)

Curve actuator uses a modern shape memory alloy
(CompActive, Germany):  


AM Transformation

Gearbox with 4D printed gearwheels
(Fraunhofer IAP; Germany)

AM Aerospike rocket nozzle
(Fraunhofer IST, Germany):  

Hybrid AM electric motor housing with optimized cooling structure
(ETH Zürich, inspire AG, Siemens, Switzerland) 

Syenta Printer – Democratising Electronics Manufacturing
(Syenta, Australia):  

Rinkoboard: Electric Skateboard
(Lennart Bengel, Germany)


Circular Materials

"Grown Innovation" & "Infinitive Loop“ automotive seat concepts
(BMW/Design Works, Germany)

Traffic sign from bio-panel
(BioPanel, NL) 

Ecopin pine-based resin material
(Arrosia, France) 

Seat foam from kelp
(Agoprene, Norway) 

Bicycle frame & other demonstrators from natural fiber composites
(Fuse, Germany): 

Material walks