Elmia Garden Award - Garden Product of the Year 2022

Great media interest, wide exposure under Elmia Garden and huge traction help with marketing and the PR - products nominated for the Garden Product of the Year gets a real launch in the market!

The Elmia Garden Award is an award with weight and status in the industry. Electric powered wheelbarrow, ergonomic rake, birdhole with webcam, practical cultivation bench, a lamp with plant lighting, microfiber cultivation pot and 100% Recycled soil - over the years many wise and smart solutions have been presented when the winner of the Garden Product of the Year is announced.

The purpose of Elmia Garden Award is to showcase the creativity and product development that takes place in the gardening industry. Elmia Garden gives companies, both large and small, the opportunity to showcase their contributions to a wider audience ahead of the final election that will take place in the spring of 2022.

You can apply for Elmia Garden Award 2022 here until 23 August.


Jury and rules

The products are judged by a jury consisting of recognized names such as Simon Irvine, Garden designer at Läckö Castle, Christina Säll, Hemträdgården and Magnus Åström, freelance. The nominated entries are shown in an exhibition at Elmia Garden and the final winner will be announced in spring 2022, just before the start of the garden season. All the major trade magazines, and many newspapers, have written about the products that have received the award so far.