Fairground and facilities

We are building a complete venue with live demonstrations and stand spaces in the forest for use in a few days. This applies to everything from signboards, roads, parking, WiFi, to the entrance, restaurants and toilets.

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Keep in mind that the fair is out in the woods. The trails are alternately gravel road or chipping surfaces. The car park is in the field with grass. We recommend clothes suitible for the weather and suitable shoes.


There are several smaller food-trucks and three larger restaurants scattered throughout the area. Here you will find simpler food, grilled and home made food.


No cash handling takes place on site. Payment by card only.


There are several toilets at the parking lot and along the trails.

Directions to the exhibition area 

The E4 passes just outside the fairground area of Elmia Wood and provides fast communications by car.

Follow the road signs - for the best possible traffic flow.

Address: 1 km south east of Bratteborgs Gård, Vaggeryd, Sweden.

If you come from the south you take exit 90 (traffic area Vaggeryd Norra) and then follow the road signs. Coordinates for the exit when coming from the south: 57.524923, 14.117197

If you come from the north, take exit 92 (Trafikplats Hyltena) and then follow the road signs. Coordinates for the exit when coming from the north: 57.669222, 14.174831

Karta från Google Maps:


Free parking inkluded in the entrance ticket.  The parking is just north of the exhibition entrance.

Bus Traveler 

Bus travelers are dropped off near the entrance. The bus parking is located just northwest of the entrance.