21 - 24 Aug 2024
Check out the event where creativity and craftsmanship are displayed in the form of remarkable paint jobs, neat motifs, shiny chrome and interiors you only dream of. This year's Nordic Trophy winner will, as usual, be crowned on Saturday under Elmia Lastbil.

Nordic Trophy is a paradise for you and everyone else who likes stylish and smartly built trucks with imaginative motifs, flirty interiors and with horn and lanterns worthy of the name. Elmia's field will again in August be filled with trucks from the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe, which is everything out of the ordinary. 

The top trio in last year's Nordic Trophy in front of their cars, from left: Henrik Guldager (2nd), Frans Müller (1st) and Juha Ristimaa (3rd) Photo: Joachim Cruus/Trailer.

Registration for the Nordic Trophy 2024 takes place as usual via Trailer.se, make your application here.