Travel to Elmia


It is easy to take the bus to Elmia. From the railway station / bus station Juneporten, city buses goes to Elmia several times an hour. The trip takes about ten minutes. It's as easy to go by bus from Huskvarna station or other parts of town to Elmia.

Here you will find timetables: Jönköpings Lokaltrafik.

Elmia can also offer bus transport for exhibitors and visitors. Contact the exhibition manager at each fair for more information.


If you choose to take the train to Jönköping you will find information and tickets at

By air / flight

Just outside you will find Jönköping Airport. Visit their website for more information.


The E4 European Highway passes directly by our facility and offers fast communications by road.


Directly outside Elmia's exhibition halls, there are 6,500 parking spaces.

You can pay for parking with a card on-site, through the ePARK mobile app or via SMS/TEXT.

We also have a number of places for charging of electric cars.


Zone code 16520

Start SMS parking:
Example: 16520 ABC123 7106061325
to 0736-304050

Finish SMS parking:
Text Avsluta to 0736-304050

Parking machines


Charging for electric cars

We have a number of parking spaces for charging electric cars.


A - see map: 19 charging stations with double outlets where a total of 38 cars can charge. AC charging with up to 22kW per double outlet.

B - see map: 8 ABB charging stations with up to 350 kW per outlet.
2 charging stations with double sockets (Alfa Tronic) of 200 kW per double socket.

Motorhome parking lots

At Entrance North there are 20 motorhome parking lots with 10 amperes of electricity.

Parking permit for the disabled

There are also parking spaces for those with a parking permit for the disabled. You can find these places on the map below.

Phone: +46 36 15 20 00