Planning for Elmia Wood 2025 is underway
16 Apr 2024
Now the preparations for the next big forest fair is well under way. Stands must be booked, activities nailed down and the fair area planned for Elmia Wood on 5–7 June 2025.
Increased wood use  heats up demand for Espegard
4 Jun 2022
As electricity prices soared last winter, so too did the demand for firewood for stoves and boilers. “At our stand you’ll find equipment for packing firewood,” says Nicklas Kloo of Espegard. “Firewood stands and bags for all sizes and needs. There’s an incredible amount of demand right now. Many...
NorrPlant looks south
4 Jun 2022
“This is actually the first time in over 20 years that we’re exhibiting at Elmia Wood,” says Thomas Vestman of NorrPlant. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the response. We’re getting lots of questions and input from knowledgeable forest owners from an area that we may not normally operate in so much...
ATVs gear up with more  and more advanced accessories
4 Jun 2022
The trend is clear. The ATV is increasingly moving from a toy and a hobby to an active working tool on the farm. “This is evident not least on the accessories side. The trailers are more lavish with more built-in technology to do the farm’s various tasks,” explains Staffan Svensson of Yamaha.
Fire Box and eight-wheeled forwarder  are the big hits at Vimek’s stand
4 Jun 2022
The Vimek stand at Elmia Wood is buzzing with life. “The big attention grabber is our new eight-wheeled forwarder, the Vimek NG 870.1,” says Edvin Eklund. “The cab environment for the operator has been a strong focus. The operator should sit well, see well and feel well. After all, that’s who w...
Wood Let’s Talk:  How do we shape our future forestry?
3 Jun 2022
From the stage at Wood Square, moderator Ellinor Persson guides visitors to Elmia Wood through a varied and interesting programme. On Friday, for example, the exciting trio of Louise Karlberg from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Anders Nilsson from the Swedish Hunters Association and...
Red-hot market  for biomass boilers
3 Jun 2022
“Since December our order books have filled up like never before. Property owners who threw out the wood boiler a few years ago and installed a heat pump instead now want a wood or pellet boiler again,” say Patrik Jigbring and Oscar Folmanis at Baxi.
Johan got fed up with moose damage so he developed the Tallskydd pine protector
3 Jun 2022
One of the most ingenious new products at Elmia Wood is a “peg” that is mounted on the top of young pine trees to reduce damage from hungry moose. The inventor, Johan Larsson, has used the pegs for over 10 years on his own plants with excellent results. Now is being launched to fores...
Battery-powered combi machine and new “big” harvesting head attract the crowds at Malwa’s stand
2 Jun 2022
50 percent harvester. 50 percent forwarder. 100 percent electric. At Elmia Wood the world’s first battery-powered combi machine is clocking up its first working hours. “The battery arrived just a few hours ago. The machine has never run as much as it has on the demo on day one of the fair. We c...
KRPAN reveals new logo on their 45 year anniversary
30 May 2022
In the 45 year anniversary, family enterprise PIŠEK – Vitli KRPAN is experiencing transformation on many levels. Changes in the organization and development of new products have also brought a changed corporate identity and new KRPAN logo.
Iggesund Forest Quality Bar & Chain Oil
25 Apr 2022
Optimal service life for components
HarvX X2 .404 Harvester chain
25 Apr 2022
A new harvester chain - designed, developed and optimized exclusively for Iggesund Forest