21 - 24 Aug 2024

About the fair

Elmia Lastbil is an international gathering point for the haulage and transport industry. The fair offers a comprehensive exhibition, demonstrations, driver competitions, school activities, Nordic Trophy, events, stage and seminar programs, and vintage trucks, covering a program area of over 75,000 square meters.

Among the exhibitors are companies offering all types of products and services that a haulage company needs to operate its business. In 2022, the fair had 321 exhibitors from 17 countries, and nearly 31,000 visitors. Elmia Lastbil provides a comprehensive overview of what the industry can offer in terms of chassis, bodywork, accessories, equipment, and services. It is visited by people from all sectors of the haulage industry, related industries, and those involved in company car traffic. The fair is held jointly by Trailer Magazine and Elmia AB.

A commercial vehicle fair for everyone
Elmia Lastbil has long been an established fair and an important event for the haulage contractor industry and its suppliers. The fair is a joint market and meeting place for the haulage and transport industry and a positive experience for all – irrespective of role in the industry – and a large proportion of the visitors return year after year.

Who visits Elmia Lastbil?
Elmia Lastbil is the home ground of the haulage companies. It is an international hybrid fair that attracts both the haulage and transport industry, as well as lifestyle visitors, where 90 percent of visitors work within the haulage industry. The two largest groups of visitors by far consist of professional drivers and CEOs/management. he fair also appeals to many young people, and several events and interesting program highlights are organized to attract them to a future in the haulage industry.

The five largest areas of business represented by the visitors are haulage companies specializing in:

Less-than-truckload (LTL) cargo
— Manufacturing industry
— Construction and infrastructure
— Refrigerated and frozen transport
— Timber transport