18 - 20 May 2023


To work at our fairs, you need to be accredited. You can do this about six weeks before the fair.

Your accreditation is personal and at our press center you will get an ID badge that is valid both as entrance and identification in the exhibition halls. Wear it visible when working. Through your accreditation, you will also receive a code for our press parking if necessary.

Press Center - Lobby South

Elmia's press center is located on the second floor of Lobby South.

In our press center there is free WiFi, printers and more. Here you will also find press material, conference programs and other information. There is plenty of workspace, space for interviews and the opportunity to sit down and have a coffee. There is also access to lockable cabinets and toilets.


Press parking

The Press parking is located opposite of Elmia office, just in front of the Congress- and Consert house. You get a parking code when you press accredit yourself.


Karin Kjällbring
Phone: +46 36 15 20 49