Kiosk - sausages, ice cream, drinks, sweets, coffee

(At the press center / Wood Square)
FC Kiosk - at stand 210

If you are craving something a little light, you should visit the kiosk. Buy a sandwich that is baked in our own bakery at Elmia or why not try our locally produced sausage in bread? Of course, there is also something for the sweet tooth - sweets, ice cream and coffee.

Food-Trucks - game kebabs, burgers, sausages, ice cream, waffles, coffee

At stand 736: Tomas Ekberg - Viltkebab
At stand 531: Steak and Grill - Viltkebab
At stand 640, 557, 526, 109, 425, 667, 141: Berglunds - Hamburgers, ice cream, coffee

TopBox - burgers & sausages

Come here hungry, here the chefs are frying burgers to the fullest! Enjoy a piece of chocolate after the meal together with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, better than that it will not be?

At stand 683

Birch - Today's dish
Exhibitor restaurant with its own queue.

(At the press center / Wood Square)
At stand 212

In "Birch" you will find today's home cooking, salad, bread from your own bakery and of course coffee on the food. Here you can also sit down to have a glass of beer, wine or why not a little bubbly?

Open 2 / 6-3 / 6 at 9-17, 4/6 p.m. 9-16.

Spruce - Grill buffet

Mmm ... do you smell the grill buffet? Then you have come to the right place! Take the opportunity and order a glass of beer, pick up a good plate and enjoy the yummy food. Here you will also find good coffee from your own bakery and coffee. At stand 606

There are several smaller eateries scattered along the loop in the forest. Simpler consumption is offered here.

FC Gruppen
FC Gruppen
Phone: +46 36 30 54 10