Elmia Lastbil offered world premieres and a festive atmosphere

Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping, Sweden was one big party for the visiting public in sunny late-summer weather. The trade fair began with great success as Scania presented the world premiere of its new generation of trucks.
“It was wonderful that Scania chose Elmia for the premiere of its new truck,” comments Annika Brandin, Business Manager of Elmia Lastbil. “It just proves the fair’s strength and impact on the market. As that wasn’t enough, we also had Boije Ovebrink’s ‘The Iron Knight’ with us at Volvo’s stand. It’s the world’s fastest truck that can top 276 km/h. This fair is truly important to the whole industry.”


Welcome to Elmia Lastbil, August 22-25th,



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