Elmia Lastbil postponed to 2-5 June 2021

Welcome to heavy business – looking to the future

Welcome to Elmia Lastbil 2021!

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak the consequences for the truck and hauling industry, Elmia Lastbil has been postponed to 2-5 June 2021.

The decision has jointly been taken by the three organisations responsible for the trade show, Elmia AB, Sveriges Åkeriföretag and Albinsson & Sjöberg, in consultation with major business partners.

New dates for the exhibition Elmia Lastbil have now been set. The national and international venue for the haulage and transport industry will on display already on 2-5 June in 2021, at Elmia, Jönköping.

We look forward to welcome all visitors and exhibitors in 2021!

/Elmia AB, Sveriges Åkeriföretag, Albinsson & Sjöberg

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is the exhibitor's rating of the fair
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Ulrica Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
Trade fairs are really inspiring – they can give you new ideas.
Ulrica Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
Thelma Kruuse af Verchou, tredjeårs elev på Vreta utbildningscenter
You always learn something new, always see something new. You can pass on your know-how to someone else – I think that’s great!
Thelma Kruuse af Verchou, tredjeårs elev på Vreta utbildningscenter
Jonas Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
Just going for one day is too short – I look forward to spending more time at the fair this year.
Jonas Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
Helena Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
The best aspect is that many suppliers gather in one place. You can get an overall picture of things, advice and ideas!
Helena Forslund, Forslunds Bulktransport AB
Elmia Virtual Tour
Elmia Virtual Tour
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