Grab your wheel and steer towards Elmia Lastbil 2018

We are now accelerating, keeping up with the haulage industry progress. We now read 2018 and the bright sunny days of the latest show is a great memory. Full focus is placed into the future and what this years show holds in store for us all here in Jönköping. What kind of new grand premieres, smart bodybuildings and constructions as well as other fantastic new solutions and activities will be crowding the vast arena of Elmia Lastbil during August 22-25th?

What does 2018 hold in store for you?

We are of course extremely interested in learning of your products and novelties and to make sure you get the best spot for your own display, submit your exhibitors application with us today!
Our own contribution to the news desk is a complete new look. Elmia Lastbil has been the business meltingpot to count on ever since 1983, statued as the major marketplace as well as a warm welcoming living room for this entire industry. Now, to attract new visitors and interested parties we proudly present a new and modern look with a symbol well known to all, no matter where you take part in the haulage industry – the bogie. Everybody’s transportation business run better and safer thanks to the same.

Welcome to meet your existing and new customers in Jönköping on August 22-25, 2018!

Application of interest

Application of interest

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