About Elmia

At the Elmia venue - trade shows, events and meetings provide visitors, exhibitors and meeting organizers with qualitative networking possibilities and unforgettable experiences.
World leading innovations, business development have evolved at Elmia since 1961.

The Elmia venue is easy to access centrally located at the heart of the Nordic region.
We are proud of our widely known high level of service and personal commitment.

Elmia delivers tradeshows, events and experiences to visitors and exhibitors on a global basis through unique market knowledge and hands on expertise in event management


Owners and Board of Directors



Elmia AB is part of the Jönköpings Rådhus AB Group, which in turn is 100% owned by the Municipality of Jönköping.


Board of Directors

Sten-Åke Karlsson (Social Democratic Party), chairman

Margareta Sylvan (Swedish Green Party), 1st Deputy Chairman

Sven Engquist (New Moderats), 2nd Deputy Chairman

Maria Hörnsten (Social Democratic Party)

Bernt Legersjö (Centre Party)

Joacim Göransson (Christian Democrats)

Anders Gustavsson (Swedish Democrats)


Annual Report

Annual Reports from the year 2007 and forth.


If you suspect any misconduct within Elmia as a company, you can submit a tip. Suspicions may involve corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, or similar situations where someone improperly exploits their position for personal gain.

Elmia AB is a municipal company, and therefore, we refers to the whistleblower function through Jönköping Municipality. You can also find more information about this function there.

Whistleblower function at jonkoping.se - read more and submit tips

Phone: +46 36 15 20 00