Shipping and freight

You can send goods to Elmia Wood. Here you will find delivery addresses and other information about goods and transport. NSAB 2000 APPLIES TO ALL ASSIGNMENTS.

Marking of goods
It is very important that you label the goods carefully as below:

Delivery address:

Elmia Wood
Stand no, Company name
Contact person and telephone number
SE-567 92 Vaggeryd, SWEDEN

Moving in

All exhibitor traffic through the exhibition area is one-way both during moving in and moving out. Take the E4 at Vaggeryd Norra, exit no. 90 (Bondstorp - Travbana). Follow the signs.

Transport line

At the goods / transport reception, you will be directed to a suitable access road to your stand. General cargo that comes with car freight, indicates the access road for further transport to the stand or the nearest unloading site. Trailers are directed to a suitable unloading location depending on the stand. Telephone number transport line +46 36 15 22 86 and +46 36 15 20 12.

Loading and unloading

In case of need for printing service, crane, wheel loader, unloading, loading, ground work etc. contact Thomas Friman +46 36 15 22 86 or Jens Persson, +46 36 15 20 12.


Night watch available. The exhibition area is monitored overnight from 25 May from 15.00 – 7 June to 07.00. NOTE! It is not permitted to arrange customer activities or the like inside the trade fair area and in the stand after the trade fair closes. It is also not allowed to live in the exhibition area.


Goods from non-EU countries must be cleared through customs at EU countries. Contact your freight forwarder for detailed information. You can get more information about Swedish customs regulations at
Order transport service well in advance. No later than 2 weeks before the fair.

Information and help during the fair

The trade fair office is located adjacent to the large unloading site at the field surfaces. If you have any questions during the fair, please contact the staff there who will answer your questions or refer you to the right person. There you can also get help with easier copying.

Delivery of goods before the fair

Unloading takes place automatically upon arrival at the exhibition area according to the current price list.
If you need storage before or after the fair, contact Elmia Transportservice.
Tel: +46 36 15 22 85, +46 36 15 20 20 12

International Transport

On-Site Exhibitions AB
Daniel Forsell
+46 31 707 34 08


Elmia Transport Service

Elmia Transportservice is not responsible for goods that are stored in unmanned stands. We recommend that you as an exhibitor take out comprehensive exhibitor insurance.

Elmia Transport Service - see Who answers what? for contact info

Service staffing during the fair
According to Elmia's service staff during moving-in and moving-out times.

Truck assistance

Time in addition to the staffing time is booked with Elmia Transportservice, no later than 2 weeks before the fair.

After the fair - important to keep in mind

The goods to be transported must be clearly marked. There must also be a printed consignment note stating who pays for the freight and which forwarder drives the goods.
You book the transport yourself with a freight forwarder.
Leave the goods in your stand.

Other Services

  • Placement of goods in a stand according to instructions.
    Elmia places your machines or tools according to your wishes. Send sketch with instructions to Elmia Transportservice.
  • Various packaging materials are for sale.

    Contact Elmia Transportservice for more information.