21 - 24 Aug 2024

Become a master exhibitor!

You have the possibility to participate in our digital meetings where trade fair guru Mikael Jansson shares his advice for exhibitors before, during and after a trade fair. The aim of the sessions is to give you tools and insights to maximise your trade fair participation and achieve even better results.

The exhibitors meetings are divided into two parts; the first is for the exhibition manager or project manager for your participation, and the second training is for the staff who will work in the stand. The trainings will consist of a lecture as well as provide you with practical information about the fair.

The meeting is free of charge for you as an exhibitor and takes place via Teams.

Part 1: Maximising your trade fair participation through preparation and follow-up

21 May at 08:30 (Swedish) and 10:00 (English), max 60 min - Registration required  

Participants: Project Managers/Exhibitions Managers from the exhibitors

Are you new to the role of exhibition manager? Do you need structure in your way of working with exhibitions? Or do you want tools to get the most out of your investment? In that case, this is the lecture for you. Here, Mikael Jansson advises you on the most important elements for trade fair participation: 

  • Setting goals for your trade fair participation
  • The invitation and marketing of your participation
  • Generating traffic to your stand  
  • How your staff can work efficiently on the stand
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the results 

We will conclude the meeting with practical information about the fair to ensure that your participation is as smooth as possible. 

Register below, deadline for registration is Sunday 19 May. The Teams link will be sent out via email well in advance.  


Part 2: Working in a stand - how to do it?  

13 Aug at 08:30 (Swedish) and 10:00 (English), max 45 min - Join the meeting directly without pre-registration

Participants: Stand staff and project managers/exhibition managers at exhibitors

According to studies, the performance of stand staff accounts for as much as 80% of the success of a trade fair (www.fairlink.se). And it's not always easy. It's an unfamiliar workplace, and it's easy to look at something else (mobile phone, talking to colleagues, talking for a long time with well-known customers, etc.). It is important to distinguish between standing in the stand and working in the stand. Mikael Jansson shares his very best advice on how you prepare to be a winning staff member at the exhibition floor. 

We will conclude the meeting with practical information about the fair to ensure that your participation is as smooth as possible. 

Join the training here (direct link to the Teams meeting):

Part 2: 13 August at 08:30 - Swedish
Part 2: 13 August at 10:00 - English 


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