Elmia Wood

The global venue focusing on the value of our forests

The venue for how you best safeguard, develop and benefit from the value of the forest

Elmia Wood is the global meeting place for the entire forest industry. Here forest owners, contractors and forestry administrators meet from around the world. Ideas are developed, contacts created and business deals made. The fair is a world-class industry event held completely in the forest, where you can see and test forestry machines, tools and innovative technologies in their natural environment.

Elmia has long experience of organising trade fairs in the forest. The fair’s contents are developed to match developments in the world’s forest industry. Here potential customers and suppliers from the whole world are just a handshake away.

In 2021 we will be focusing on new forestry technology, bioenergy, loading and transport plus sustainability issues. Planning is already fully underway – do you want to participate in the fair?

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Elmia Wood Innovation Award
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Elmia Wood to Germany - is your company interested to come along
30 Jan 2020
Elmia Wood is going to the forestry fair KWF Tagung, 1-4 July, 2020. We will arrange a Swedish pavilion with an innovation theme. Companies such as Tracy of Sweden, Katam and Viskadalen's Tall Shield is there with us. All of them are winners of SkogsElmia Innovation Award 2019.
 Exclusive bioenergy seminar available on YouTube
12 Dec 2019
During SkogsElmia, Elmia Wood and Magazine Dagens Industri arranged an exclusive seminar on the topic bioenergy. It was filmed and is now available on Elmia Wood's YouTube channel.
Elmia is a display window driving the export of Swedish forestry technology
12 Dec 2019
Nordic forestry technology has been developed to a considerable extent by small companies, which then rapidly entered a global market. “Elmia’s forestry fairs were and are the international display window,” says Hans-Åke Elofson, who during his pioneer years worked in key positions with influent...
The industry needs private forest owners to cover the lack of timber
12 Dec 2019
Private forest ownership is becoming more and more important to the Swedish forest industry and the trade balance. The reason is that the big forest companies and state-owned Sveaskog have felled a lot of older forest on their own lands in recent years. The situation is different for private fore...
At Elmia’s fairs, inventions become innovations
12 Dec 2019
Elmia’s forestry fairs are very important to the development of new forestry technology and methods, according to Per Frankelius, a researcher in innovations at Linköping University. “At trade fairs, inventions become innovations,” he says.
 New entrance and trail - see the map of Elmia Wood 2021
10 Dec 2019
For Elmia Wood 2021 we are making the site very easily accessible, with shorter and denser trails. It will be a new design on entrance and new trail that gives direct access to Forestry Machines.