When you have decided to exhibit at Elmia and have booked your stand you administer your participation at My pages. If there are several of you involved in the preparations for the fair you add more users.

On My pages, you order both stand interior and parking. Here you also register your co-exhibitors, stand staff and stand builders. My pages is also where you fill in information for the Exhibitor List - company information, company presentation and product register.

On My pages, you create your unique invitation links to invite your customers.

Opening hours
Moving-in and out times
Shipping and freight

In general

  • Exhibitors are responsible for all hired equipment during the exhibition period.
  • Exhibitors/stand builders must have valid liability insurance with full value coverage for both personal injury and property damage.
  • All structures and constructions must meet all possible requirements stipulated in the provisions of the Building Regulations (BBR) and Design Regulations (BKR) of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket). All materials used must be classified in accordance with prevailing Swedish fire regulations. (www.boverket.se)
  • As the exhibitor/stand builder you are responsible for ensuring workplace health and safety and for managing the construction process and for complying with the applicable laws and regulations. We at Elmia AB absolve ourselves completely from all responsibility for the engineering design and the construction process. If you order a stand or other structure directly from Elmia AB, we guarantee that we will comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and that we will take full responsibility for the engineering design and construction of your stand.
  • For safety reasons, children and young people under 16 years of age are not allowed inside the exhibition halls while any form of construction or demolition is occurring, even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • For safety reasons, everyone must have and wear a construction card. The construction card is only valid during moving in and moving out.
  • Personal protective equipment must always be used when required.
  • All handling and use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.
  • It is illegal to smoke on the premises.
  • Any work that involves physical interference with the building must be performed by personnel designated by Elmia AB. Examples of such work are hanging wires from the ceiling, anchoring machinery to the floor, inserting fasteners into pillars or beams, etc.
  • All saws, grinders, sanders, or similar machines must be equipped with a chip/sawdust collector when being used.
  • Representatives from Elmia AB conduct regular safety and fire safety rounds before and during every event. Comments and criticisms expressed during these rounds must be complied with immediately. Any costs are charged to the exhibitor.
  • Elmia AB assumes no financial responsibility for costs incurred due to any waiting periods in conjunction with moving in and moving out, delivering products, etc.
  • Stand activities perceived by Elmia AB to be disruptive to nearby stands may be terminated. No compensation is paid for any costs associated with the terminated activity.
  • Voice amplifiers or speakers may not be used in a way that disturbs visitors or exhibitors.
  • Wireless microphones may not be used without permission. Contact the responsible sales agent for approval.
  • Advertising material may only be distributed in your own stand.