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Submit your application of interest to Elmia Wood 2025, and we will contact you. You are of course also always welcome to contact one of the Sales Managers directly.

Prices 2025

All prices below quoted in SEK and excl. VAT.

Basic fee

The basic fee includes exhibitor cards (number of cards based on reserved stand space), presentation in exhibitor list including product register and tools for invitations.

  • SEK 5,000

Exhibitor insurance

  • SEK 1,050

Stand rental, outdoors

The fee includes an electrical outlet (10A, 230V). Minimum stand area is 50 m².

  • 0-50 m²: SEK 450/m²
  • 51-1,000 m²: SEK 230/m²
  • Over 1,000 m²: According to quotation

Price example:
You want to book a stand of 100 m². 0-50 m² costs SEK 50 x SEK 450 = SEK 22,500. The range 51-999 m² costs SEK 50 x SEK 230 = SEK 11,500.
The booth price will then be the sum of the intervals, that is SEK 34,000 + basic fee.

Stand in tent

Wooden floors, separating walls and an electrical outlet (10A, 230V) are included in the price.

  • 16 m²: SEK 25,000
  • 32 m²: SEK 45,000

Demonstration area

Only in combination with stand area on the forest loops. The size of the demonstration area is set in relation to the stand area.

  • Free

Co-exhibitor fee

Exhibitors who permit exposure of companies or brands other than their own in their stand are obliged to register these as co-exhibitors. Active co-exhibitor in booth, including exhibitor card (number of cards based on booth area), presentation in exhibitor list including product index and tools for invitations.

  • SEK 5,000


Registration fee, stand hire and exhibitor insurance

The Customer is liable to pay and shall make payment in compliance with the due date on each invoice.

If anyone other than the Customer is to pay or be invoiced a specific amount of the order, Elmia must have given its approval in writing no later than thirty (30) days before the booking goes ahead.

Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, the following terms of payment shall apply:

a. Registration fee for Exhibition space is invoiced after order confirmation or signed agreement. The order's payment terms are thirty (30) days net.

b. The value of the Stand area according to the order and, where applicable, Exhibitor Insurance is invoiced ninety (90) days before the first day of the Arrangement and is due for payment no later than sixty (60) days before the first day of the Arrangement.

c. 100% of the value of the stand service according to the order and add-on orders shall be invoiced after the last day of the Arrangement with payment terms of 20 days net.

Payment regarding a to c above shall be made at the latest thirty (30) days after the invoice date provided the due date in the payment plan can be met. All payment shall be made in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Invoicing options

We primarily want suppliers to send e-invoices, secondly PDF invoices and thirdly paper invoices.


Elmia AB
Van operator: Scancloud AB
PEPPOL Invoice ID: 0007:5563542413

PDF invoice:
PDF invoices are emailed to:

Postal address for paper invoices:
Elmia AB
FE1477 Scancloud


General Terms & Conditions Elmia AB

These General Terms & Conditions supplement the specific agreements made with each exhibitor before each fair.

Download the General Terms & Conditions as a PDF

Download the General Terms & Conditions – Conventions, Exhibitions & Events (CE&E) as a PDF

Value added tax (VAT)

VAT in trade with EU countries:
The service is considered sold and shall be taxed in the country in which the buyer is established and operates if the buyer is a business entity. A business entity is a legal entity registered for VAT. This means that Elmia will not add VAT on its invoice and the buyer will be taxed in its native country. For Elmia to be able to exclude VAT from its invoice, the buyer must provide a valid VAT number.

If the buyer is unable to provide a valid VAT number, the sales country shall be considered to be Sweden and Swedish VAT shall apply.

VAT in trade with non-EU countries:
If the buyer is established and has its operation in a non-EU country, no VAT is payable and the buyer shall not be taxed within the EU.

Exhibitor Insurance

As a trade fair organiser we know that insurance is important. Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on your sales activities.

You should have received information about Elmia’s Exhibitor Insurance along with your order confirmation.

Further information about the insurance and complete terms and conditions are provided below. They are available to download as PDF files.

The insurance applies provided that payment has been made by the due date.

Complete insurance terms and conditions

Information about the insurance

Jörgen Andersson
Jörgen Andersson
Phone: +46 36 15 22 84
Andreas Eriksson
Andreas Eriksson
Phone: +46 36 15 21 19