9 - 12 Nov 2021

Elmia Subcontractor

Northern Europe's leading subcontractor fair

New times provide new opportunities to connect!

Elmia Subcontractor provides a new way for you to be seen, generate new leads and build the foundation for future business. Welcome 9-12 November 2021

In our digital Matchmaking program- Subcontractor Connect, you will be connected with the right supplier or the right buyer according to your specific needs and services. Sign up to create your future partnership.

During Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020, a daily program was streamed from Studio Subcontractor -  here we offered the possibility to be a part of the program and reach out to our visitors.

You are welcome to connect, 9-12 November 2021.


>>Read more about Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020 here.

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of the visitor came to Elmia Subcontractor 2019 to discuss concrete projects with exhibitors
Visitors reactions to Elmia Subcontractor 2019
of visitors have influence over decisions whether to order products/services exhibited at the fair
of visitors led to business with suppliers which one would not otherwise have done business with
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Digital meetings gave the manufacturing industry a boost
25 Nov 2020
400 meetings over the course of four days. Close to 300 suppliers and 70 buyers from 26 countries. These are the figures that made up Elmia Subcontractor Connect, which ended on 13th November.
Efficiency was the word used when Scania found its new suppliers
25 Nov 2020
Twelve meetings in one day. And hopefully one or two new long-term suppliers. Tobias Camitz, Sourcing Manager at Scania, ran virtually all of his meetings during the matchmaking at Elmia Subcontractor Connect in one day. - It was very much like actually being at the fair, he says.
Lesjöfors is looking for something unexpected during Elmia Subcontractor Connect
29 Sep 2020
This year's ambassador to Elmia Subcontractor is, naturally, involved in the matchmaking during Elmia Subcontractor Connect. They hope to make new contacts with new companies in unexpected branches. Matchmaking creates the perfect opportunity for such unexpected meetings.