High pressure and positive outlook in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is going full speed ahead and is facing a technological shift that will change all of society. That was clear when Elmia Subcontractor, Sweden’s biggest industry event, again reinforced its position as the leading marketplace for new business deals and the arena for the industry’s future issues.

A number of discussions on stage at the fair focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry due to connected technology. In the midst of an economic boom a paradigm shift is occurring whereby the industry as a whole must relate to the rapid pace of development.

“Our welfare is based on industry and we must continue to be an industrial nation,” said Magnus Melander, Internet of Things expert and founder of the startup alliance Swedish M2M Services Enablers (SMSE), during one of the many stage debates. “We have good conditions and I want us to now take this the whole way and not just be users of the new technology while other people build up its industry. We must seize it and keep it here.”



Number of exhibitors:    1,167

Participating countries: 29

Proportion of international exhibitors: 30%

Exhibition area (sq. m.):  17,860

Number of visits: 14,291