21 - 24 Aug 2024
Elmia Lastbil more important than ever as the industry transitions
29 Aug 2022
Elmia Lastbil 2022 consolidated its position as the natural arena to take the Swedish transport and haulage industry into the future. The four days brought the key issues into real focus, and also seeded new collaborations. Together, we could strengthen efforts towards the green transition and ot...
Auctions that makes a real difference
2 Aug 2022
During Elmia Lastbil 2022, our exhibitors have the opportunity to contribute various items to auctions that run throughout the fair. 100% of the money goes to charity, in this case BRIS, the Children's Cancer Foundation and SAM-hjälpen.
 Three quick questions with exhibition manager
1 Apr 2022
Emilott Lantz is the new exhibition manager for Elmia Lastbil, here she answers three quick questions about this year's most important event for the truck industry.
Trailer number 9 is Elmia Lastbil's official trade fair magazine
1 Apr 2022
Ahead of Elmia Lastbil 2022, the organizing group Elmia AB and Trailer will continue their collaboration and make the August issue of Trailer a special issue with the trade fair magazine inside. This means that you book an advertisement in the official trade fair magazine just as before via Marti...
Everything is possible for Emmelie, the wood chip truck driver
24 Aug 2018
Emmelie is a horse-mad youngster who became a truck driver, following the family tradition. She feels at home in the trucking industry and says it’s a good place to work.
Awards go to Sweden’s best high schools
23 Aug 2018
Sweden’s best high schools in the transport field are Vreta Utbildningscenter and Wendesgymnasiet. The schools won the “transport” and “machinery and truck technology” categories respectively in the schools competition that concluded during Elmia Lastbil.
Tomas Eneroth: We are heading for an exciting future
22 Aug 2018
A clear goods haulage strategy is in place to ensure the future’s large and constantly growing need for transporting goods. The focus lies on strong cooperation. “The competition is tough, so the key is to act now and for a long time into the future,” says Sweden’s infrastructure minister Tomas...