11 - 15 Sep 2024

Fair camping - ticket release 12 March, 09.00

Elmia Caravan Show is an experience where you are camping with your caravan or motor home right next to the exhibition halls. Here you can meet like-minded people with experience of destinations, products and much more.

Elmia Caravan Show fair camping
Area 1 has places that are adjacent to the halls. Area 2 has slightly sloping places adjacent to the exhibition area with a nice water view over the sandbanks and Huskvarna. All places are without electricity. Dogs are welcome at the fair campsite and must be on a leash.

Free wifi

Other camping nearby Jönköping

Handicap places
To be able to book a handicap place, you book a place in area 1. Then you send a copy of your ticket and your handicap permit to the Caravan Club.

NOTE! Limited number of campsites.

Safety information
As a guest at the trade fair camping, you are responsible for keeping the fire safety distance, of four meters, to your neighbors. It is not permitted to have awnings folded out or tents set up at the exhibition campsite due to current fire safety regulations.

If the safety rules are not followed, Elmia reserves the right to reject crews from the area. In the event of any removal of the vehicle, the owner will be charged.