Here you will find information about stand building, rules, regulations etc.

In general

  • Exhibitors are responsible for all hired equipment during the exhibition period.
  • Exhibitors/stand builders must have valid liability insurance with full value coverage for both personal injury and property damage.
  • All structures and constructions must meet all possible requirements stipulated in the provisions of the Building Regulations (BBR) and Design Regulations (BKR) of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket). All materials used must be classified in accordance with prevailing Swedish fire regulations. (
  • As the exhibitor/stand builder you are responsible for ensuring workplace health and safety and for managing the construction process and for complying with the applicable laws and regulations. We at Elmia AB absolve ourselves completely from all responsibility for the engineering design and the construction process. If you order a stand or other structure directly from Elmia AB, we guarantee that we will comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and that we will take full responsibility for the engineering design and construction of your stand.
  • For safety reasons, children and young people under 16 years of age are not allowed inside the exhibition halls while any form of construction or demolition is occurring, even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • For safety reasons, everyone must have and wear a construction card. The construction card is only valid during moving in and moving out.
  • Personal protective equipment must always be used when required.
  • All handling and use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.
  • It is illegal to smoke on the premises.
  • Any work that involves physical interference with the building must be performed by personnel designated by Elmia AB. Examples of such work are hanging wires from the ceiling, anchoring machinery to the floor, inserting fasteners into pillars or beams, etc.
  • All saws, grinders, sanders, or similar machines must be equipped with a chip/sawdust collector when being used.
  • Representatives from Elmia AB conduct regular safety and fire safety rounds before and during every event. Comments and criticisms expressed during these rounds must be complied with immediately. Any costs are charged to the exhibitor.
  • Elmia AB assumes no financial responsibility for costs incurred due to any waiting periods in conjunction with moving in and moving out, delivering products, etc.
  • Stand activities perceived by Elmia AB to be disruptive to nearby stands may be terminated. No compensation is paid for any costs associated with the terminated activity.
  • Voice amplifiers or speakers may not be used in a way that disturbs visitors or exhibitors.
  • Wireless microphones may not be used without permission. Contact the responsible sales agent for approval.
  • If wireless microphones or other wireless transmitters are used without permission, exhibitors who violate this may be liable for compensation for damage, troubleshooting and restoration.
  • Advertising material may only be distributed in your own stand.

Moving in and moving out

  • As the exhibitor/stand builder you are responsible for ensuring workplace health and safety and fire safety within your stand area. This means you must take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the other stand builders/exhibitors from the risk of accidents.
  • The official times for moving in and moving out are stated in the Exhibitor Guide for each event (see Elmia’s home page).
  • Extended construction and demolition times may be granted by Elmia AB. There will be fixed rate charge for this per stand. Send an application to The form "Application for earlier moving in" must be used .
  • On the last move-in evening, work at your stand may continue until 20:00. After that time the hall must be empty (unless other instructions are given).
  • You may begin taking down your stand immediately the event closes to visitors.
  • You may not move out until after the aisle carpets are removed (approx. 1 hour after the event finishes).

Aisles and other passageways

  • All aisles are emergency exit routes. Emergency exit routes, fire fighting equipment, alarm buttons and signs must NEVER be obstructed or obscured. Elmia reserves the right to put up emergency exit route signs in your stand if necessary.
  • Display materials placed outside stands will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Structures may not be built across the aisles without permission. This also applies to displays and decorations which extend beyond a stand.
  • Only Elmia tape may be used for carpet laying. The tape can be ordered in the exhibition shop. All tape must be removed after the event.
  • The floor may not be painted or otherwise subjected to damage. Any floor damage will be restored to its original condition at the exhibitor’s expense.

Exhibitors’ vehicles and trailers

  • Transport vehicles, trailers and cars may only be brought into the facility in consultation with Elmia staff.
  • Note that parking is not permitted outside gates, doors or loading ramps and that engine idling is forbidden in the halls and on the fair site.
  • Always park transport vehicles, trailers and cars at the designated location.

Stand walls are normally included

  • Elmia’s stand walls consist of white-painted particleboard. Thickness = 22 mm, breadth =1005 mm and height = 2500 mm.
  • Supporting walls may protrude into the stand.
  • No supporting walls may be removed without permission from Elmia AB.
  • A load of 10 kg per section can be placed on stand walls.
  • After the event ends, the stand walls must be cleaned of staples, tape, screws, nails, adhesive mounting pads and similar objects.
  • The exhibitor will be charged in accordance with the prevailing price list for the cost of repairing any damage such as drill and screw holes, the removal of staples and tape residue, and the restoration of walls painted or papered by the exhibitor.
  • If you do not want to have stand walls please inform Elmia’s Stand Service.


  • Products containing organic solvents may not be used inside Elmia premises. Examples of such products are contact adhesives, spray paint and sprays containing white spirit/thinner as a solvent. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Statute Book, AFS 2000:4 Sections 4-5 and the Swedish Environmental Code, Chapter 2 Sections 2-8.
  • There is a general ban on spray painting inside the Elmia exhibition halls.

Electrical regulations and electrical installations

  • Elmia’s mains electricity supply is single-phase 240V AC and three-phase 400V AC. All electrical sockets are earthed.
  • All electrical installation must be performed in accordance with prevailing Swedish heavy current regulations (Starkströmsföreskrifterna).
  • Electrical junction boxes/distribution cabinets must not be blocked.
  • No installation work may be done on live equipment. If an unauthorised connection damages the mains supply system or any connected equipment, a claim for damages will be made against the exhibitor in question.
  • Luminaires and other appliances/equipment made of conductive material must always be earthed or F1 marked.
  • Electrical installation work in the stand must be done by an authorised installer (SIND FS 1988:1,2,3,4)
  • Elmia now has permission from the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK) to connect portable units using cables and plugs notwithstanding the provisions of the heavy current regulations (Starkströmsföreskrifterna) Section 52, Point 521.4. A condition of this permission is that Elmia is responsible for inspecting and rectifying any deficiencies in the portable units.
  • Elmia will inspect the wiring to spotlight rails at no cost. Any deficiencies will be rectified by Elmia personnel where possible. The cost of this will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • For safety reasons, faulty or inadequate materials may not be used within the fair site.
  • Electrical connection to the fixed installations of the exhibition premises must be performed by an Elmia-authorised contractor.
  • In the event of a damaged or faulty electrical installation, contact Elmia Exhibition Info Service or Elmia Exhibitor Service.
  • The electricity supply to the stands will be turned on daily approximately one hour before the exhibition opens and turned off approximately one hour after the exhibition closes.
  • If you require an uninterrupted power supply to your stand for construction or night usage, order it in the webshop at My Pages. Product code: 62 160 –single-phase 230V socket, 24 hours.
  • Switch off all stand lights at the end of the day.

Faulty electrical equipment

  • If an exhibitor’s equipment causes a fuse or fuses to blow due to reasons for which Elmia cannot be held responsible, Elmia shall be entitled to charge for the time spent locating and correcting the fault. Such reasons could include an incorrect dimensioning of the power supply required, faults in the exhibitor’s own equipment, transformers requiring high voltage in connection with start-up or similar.
  • The exhibitor is personally responsible for all electrical equipment used in the stand except for equipment hired from Elmia.

Internet and telephone services

  • Internet connections, computers, telephones, AV systems etc. – We can meet your requirements for both analogue and digital systems.
  • Elmia offers exhibitors and visitors free access to Elmia’s Wi-Fi network. For the best operational reliability we recommend a wired connection, especially if you require a commercial internet link.
  • Using your own wireless routers and other transmitting radio equipment is not permitted because these can disrupt Elmia’s wireless network. Exhibitors who still need to use radio equipment in their stand must contact Elmia AB’s IT department via the information service before doing any installation.

    Elmia AB retains the right to turn off customers’ equipment if it disrupts Elmia’s network in any way.

Regulations and instructions for work with loads and mounting in the ceiling/roof

All suspension from and attachment to the ceiling or roof structure may only be done by Elmia personnel.

  • Work involving loads and attachments at high heights, for example lighting girders, may only be done by personnel who meet the training requirements specified by the work environment requirements (Arbetsmiljökraven) and the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions on the use of lifting devices and lifting accessories.
  • Training certificates must be available for inspection.
  • Elmia supplies 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm wire.
  • Wire rope clips (clamp type) approved for lifting operations must be used.
  • The correct number & dimension of clamps must be used.
  • Equipment such as steel wire ropes, chains, clamps, straps, slings, and other equipment & components must be CE marked and approved for lifting operations.
  • Each fabric strap or round sling must be clearly marked with a maximum load limit, which must be both stated in numbers and written out.
  • When fabric straps or round slings are used they must be secured with wire or chain.
  • When telphers and lifting blocks are used they must comply with the safety requirements in the Machinery Directive (AFS 1994:48, appendix 1, appendix 2 and appendix 5) and be CE marked.
  • Telphers/hand hoists must be secured with wire or chain and be approved for lifting operations.
  • If other solutions/constructions are used for suspension purposes they must meet Swedish Standard SS 767 15 01.


When working with cables or other metallic equipment it is each person’s responsibility to use tools in a way that does not generate harmful noise levels. For example, a rubber mallet must absolutely be used when working with cables due to the noise levels that would otherwise arise.

Compressed air, water and wastewater

  • The air pressure is 7.5 bar. The connections are of Tema type.
  • The water pressure is 5.5 bar. The connections are of Tema type.
  • Wastewater is pumped out via a pump and a one-inch hose.
  • The compressed air, water and wastewater are supplied via the ceiling.

Handling of goods/Forklifts

  • For safety reasons, goods handling may only be carried out by Elmia's staff.
  • Exhibitors and stand builders may not carry out goods handling with their own motorized vehicles.

Segways and other types of electric vehicles

  • May not be used in our exhibition halls.
  • Public traffic rules apply in the outdoor area.
  • May only be driven by Elmia staff who hold a driving licence.


Unmanned aircraft go under a number of different terms, such as UAV, UAS, drone / drones, RPAS, model flight, radio controlled flight and more. The common denominator is that they are aircraft that fly without any driver on board. The aircraft can instead fly by themselves or be controlled remotely by a driver at another location.

There is a general ban on Elmia's territory.

The use of unmanned aircraft may be granted by Elmia AB.

Rules for drones

Drone permission

Send permit application to Elmia AB, To: Utställar support, Box 6066, SE-550 06 Jönköping or

Mobile work platforms/lifts

  • For safety reasons only Elmia’s mobile work platforms/lifts may be used.
  • Mobile work platforms/lifts may only be operated by personnel who possess practical and theoretical documentation with regard to safe usage and who have received an operating permit from Elmia.
  • When manoeuvring mobile platforms/lifts at high heights, operators must take into account the risk of crush injuries against the ceiling, beams, etc.
  • When working on mobile platforms/lifts, tools and other loose objects must be stored in a safe manner so that they do not fall down and cause damage.
  • To rent Elmia's lifts, use the Application forms.

Use of lifting devices and lifting accessories

  • Operators must meet the training requirements specified in the work environment requirements (Arbetsmiljökraven) and the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions on the use of lifting devices and lifting accessories.
  • Lifting devices and lifting accessoriesmay only be operated by personnel who possess a training certificate.
  • Training certificates must be available for inspection.

Use of work equipment

  • Work equipment may only be used by personnel who understand the health and accident risks to which they or other people are exposed when the equipment is being used.

Tall structures/extended displays

By contract and as stipulated in the general regulations, fairs organised by Elmia AB apply a maximum permitted height of 2.5 metres to the construction of stands, signs and other decoration. If you have special requirements and/or want to increase your visibility to visitors, Elmia AB has the opportunity to grant an exemption to the stipulated maximum height. In such a case, the following regulations apply:

  • Construction / displays to the stand neighbor must have a distance of at least 2 m. Construction / exposure closer than this, is ok provided that the neighbor stand is informed in writing no later than 4 weeks before moving in.
  • Construction / displays located ˂2 m from the neighbouring exhibitor may contain texts, logos or other messages. Construction / displays closer than 2 m from neighboring stands must be white and clean.
  • No more than 50% of the stand area may be used for extended display.
  • The structure must meet the provisions of the Building Regulations (BBR) and Design Regulations (BKR) of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) as well as special fire and evacuation regulations established by the relevant authorities.
  • Construction may not begin before Elmia AB has given written permission. For monitoring purposes Elmia has the right to request supplementary information.
  • It is not necessary to apply to use ‘beach flags’ or similar displays that are freestanding and exceed the maximum height of 2.5 metres.
  • A charge for the extended display of SEK 5,000 will be added to your service invoice after the fair. Beach flags used as specified above will be charged at SEK 1,000 each. 
  • Exception! Products inside the stand that are higher than 2.5 m or ceiling girders for mounting luminaires are not included in the concept of tall structures/extended displays.


  • A written application is sent to Elmia AB no later than two months before the start of the fair.
  • Elmia has the right to reject the application if the extent of height construction / increased exposure leads to the exhibition hall or parts of the exhibition hall being screened or sectioned.
  • The permit application can be found under "Application forms and conditions"

Two-level structures to accommodate people or moveable loads

  • Two-level structures can be approved under the following conditions:
  • A written application is sent to Elmia AB.
  • The structures must meet the provisions of the Building Regulations (BBR) and Design Regulations (BKR) of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) as well as special fire and evacuation regulations established by the relevant authorities.
  • All materials must be classified in accordance with prevailing fire safety standards. If an open cell suspended ceiling is used above the upper level the ceiling’s area may not exceed 60% of the ground floor area of the stand.
  • No more than 50% of the stand area may contain a two-level structure and the structure may not be located closer than 3 m from the surrounding boundary of the stand. Elmia AB can grant exemptions.
  • Two-level structures may not be erected closer than 10 m to each other. This can mean that later applications must be rejected.
  • The ceiling height for the ground-floor level may be a maximum of 2.5 m and minimum of 2.3 m. The total height of the stand may not exceed 5 m.
  • The number of stairways in a two-level stand is determined by the walking distance to the nearest stairway, which must not exceed 10 m.
  • The width of the stairway is determined by the area of the upper level. Areas up to 25 sq. m. require a stairway that is at least 0.8 m wide. Each additional part or whole 25 sq. m. of upper level area requires an additional stairway that is 0.8 m wide. However, two such stairways may be replaced by a straight stairway that is 1.2 m wide. A spiral stairway may not be less than 0.9 m wide.
  • Double stand rent is charged for the part of the stand that is used for two-level construction.
  • The stand builder in question is responsible for safety and for supervising the construction work. Elmia AB accepts no responsibility for the design or for the construction but has the right to demand additional information about the engineering design, choice of materials, etc.
  • Construction may not begin before Elmia AB has given written permission. For monitoring purposes Elmia has the right to demand supplementary information.
  • An inspection fee is charged in accordance with the prevailing price list.

Applications must be sent at least three months prior to the fair to:

Fire regulations

Elmia AB works systematically with fire safety in accordance with the Swedish Act on the Prevention of Accidents. Elmia’s regulations must be followed.

Construction materials and decoration

  • Materials in the stand walls and roof must be type-approved flame-retardant materials of at least class III, i.e. not worse than wood. Wood fibreboards are acceptable.
  • Type approval can be replaced by a written statement from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The type approval or attestation must be available at the stand, if it is not otherwise obvious that the material can be accepted. If uncertainty exists on the part of Elmia AB a simple test procedure can be done by Elmia AB.
  • Decoration materials such as textiles that are used as roofs or wall coverings must be impregnated to the point of being difficult to ignite. NB! This means that untreated decoration materials such as cardboard, paper, polystyrene foam, plastic or similar substances cannot be used as construction or decoration materials.
  • Roofs on roofed or closed stands over 30 m2 must be equipped with fire alarms.

Packaging and other materials

  • Wrapping and other combustible packing materials must not be stored in the stand; they must be stored in the designated place.

Emergency exit routes

  • It is forbidden to block or conceal emergency exit routes, emergency exit doors, firefighting equipment, alarm buttons and signs. Elmia reserves the right to put up emergency exit route signs in stands as required.

Flammable and explosive goods

  • The handling and storage of flammable liquids, gases or pressure vessels is generally not permitted. An application for temporary permission for doing so can be made in writing at least four weeks before the event starts. The application must ensure that the applicable laws and regulations are followed.
  • Used cleaning rags soaked with oil, fat or solvents must be stored in special tightly closed non-combustible containers with a self-closing lid.
  • All motor vehicles shall contain as little fuel as possible and the fuel tank must be equipped with a lockable lid. On vehicles driven by bottled gas the main valve closest to the tank (the container) must also be shut off.
  • The handling and storage of bottled gas must be approved by Elmia AB’s fire safety officer.
  • Pyrotechnics or smoke-generating machines/objects may neither be used at nor brought to Elmia, neither indoors nor outdoors, without prior written permission from Elmia AB.
  • Pyrotechnic goods may not be used without permission from the police at a public meeting or public event that is held indoors.

Hot work

  • Hot work is work that involves sparks, soldering, welding, cutting, grinding, drying, heating, naked flames or other work with tools that leads to the production of heat.
  • Hot work is not permitted at Elmia AB even during the construction of stands without prior written permission from Elmia AB.
  • All hot work must be done by persons who hold an approved hot work certificate. Because there is no clear boundary for what constitutes hot work, all work that involves any uncertainty on this issue shall be categorised as hot work.
  • An application for permission to do hot work must be sent at the latest four weeks prior to the fair. Fill in the form "Application for hot work"

Fire safety regulations for marquees

  • Elmia strives for a high level of safety for exhibitors, visitors and personnel in all its operations.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring fire safety in the marquee. The emergency services and Elmia AB have fire safety officers who inspect fire safety measures. If these are deemed unsatisfactory the exhibitor will be charged the cost of bringing fire safety up to the required level.
  • The marquee canvases must be treated or made from a material that fulfils the requirements of the emergency services. Exhibitors must be able to present proof of type approval. All marquees hired from Elmia are type approved.
  • Fire safety equipment in marquees under 30 m2. In marquees under 30 m2 where no activities that entail an obvious fire hazard take place, Elmia has no requirements for fire safety equipment. In this instance, activities that entail a fire hazard include handling a naked flame, flammable substances and cooking.
  • Fire safety equipment for activities that entail a fire hazard in marquees over 30 m2. Activities that entail a fire hazard in marquees include operating machinery, cooking, using bottled gas, and other activities that could cause a fire. For such activities, the marquee must have at least one type-approved fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.
  • Fire safety equipment for activities that do not entail a fire hazard in marquees over 30 m2. Activities that do not entail a fire hazard in marquees are activities that do not involve any high risk of causing a fire. For such activities, at least one type-approved fire extinguisher is required.
  • Fire safety equipment in marquees over 30 m2 without flammable materials. Marquees that contain no flammable materials have no requirement for fire safety equipment. However, for the safety of you and your guests, Elmia does recommend that at least one type-approved fire extinguisher be present.
  • Fire safety equipment in multilevel marquees. For marquees with more than one level, the above requirements apply for each level, together with approved emergency exit routes.
  • For more information contact the emergency services (Räddningstjänsten) in Jönköping Municipality, tel. +46 36 10 70 00.

Safety relating to machinery

The Swedish Work Environment Act, Chapter 3, Sections 8 and 9 contains regulations about what applies to machinery, tools, safety equipment and hazardous substances that may cause illness or accident. The manufacturer/importer or his agent is responsible for ensuring that the device is sufficiently safe and must have taken the steps necessary to ensure that the device when used as intended does not pose a risk to health. It is possible to exhibit a technical device such as a machine at the fair even if it is not CE marked provided that the following conditions are met.

  • It must be clearly indicated that the device does not comply with the applicable legal requirements by means of a sign displaying the text “for exhibition only” or “not CE marked”.
  • Adequate safety measures against accidents must be taken before the device is activated (demonstrated).
  • For machine demonstrations it is of particular importance that adequate cordoning/safety distance exists for both visitors and stand personnel.
  • Persons under 18 years of age (minors) are prohibited from using certain dangerous machines. See the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions AFS 1996:1 Minors.
  • For more information contact the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). Tele +46 8 730 97 00, arbetsmiljö

Shipping and freight

You can send goods to Elmia. Here you will find delivery addresses and other information about goods and transport. NSAB 2000 APPLIES TO ALL ASSIGNMENTS

Labelling of consignments:

Name of fair
Stand no.
Company name
Contact person and phone no.
Mässvägen 12

Delivery and storage of goods

  • Unloading takes place automatically on arrival at the fair site. For price information please contact:
    Tel: +46 36 15 22 85, +46 36 15 22 86

  • If storage is required before or after the fair, please contact Elmia Transport Service.

  • Elmia Transport Service cannot be held liable for items left unsupervised at stands. We recommend that you, the exhibitor, take out comprehensive exhibitor insurance.

  • Elmia transport service is staffed according to Elmia's service staffing, see each arrangement.

  • Time in addition to the service staff is booked with Elmia Transport Service, no later than two weeks before the event.
  • For price information on storage of empty packaging, please contact:
    Tel: +46 36 15 22 85, +46 36 15 22 86

  • Packaging and other flammable packaging material must not be stored in the stand, it must be stored in the designated place.
  • All packaging must be labeled with the company name and stand number, labels are available from Elmia Transportservice
  • After the end of the fair, and when the walkways are removed, empty packaging is delivered back to the stands.
  • Goods to be transported/sent from Elmia AB must be clearly marked. There must be a printed waybill where it is clearly stated who pays the freight, which forwarder is driving the goods.
  • Leave the goods in your stand.
  • You book the transport yourself with a forwarder.

Other services

  • Positioning of consignments at stand as per instructions, send a drawing with instructions to Elmia Transport Service.
  • Banding - We will band your goods after the fair.

  • Rental of pallet trucks
  • Personnel hire

  • Various packaging materials are available to purchase.

  • For more information contact Elmia Transport Service
    Tel: +46 36 15 22 85, +46 36 15 22 86