9 - 12 Nov 2021

Press accreditation

Welcome to monitor the fair in November.
To work at our trade shows you need to accredit yourself. Your accreditation is personal and in our press center you get through it an ID badge / badge that applies both as entrance and identification in the exhibition halls.

Wear it well visible when working. Through your accreditation you also get a code for our press parking if needed.

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Innovative technique makes it possible to 3D print in copper
11 Oct 2021
Think of additive manufacturing and you probably think of plastic components. But this needn’t be the case any longer. Now it is possible to produce 3D printed products made from 100 percent copper - creating new opportunities in extremely demanding markets.
Introducing the 100% wooden credit card
7 Oct 2021
A credit card made of wood? That works the same way as a plastic one? Now there is a unique wooden material that is up to four times stronger than when it is in its natural raw state - an environmentally friendly alternative to both plastic and metal.
Swedish, Innovative and Sustainable - Weland will be building new bridges at Elmia Subcontractor in November
28 Sep 2021
At last we are able to meet again in person. That's exactly how Weland is feeling ahead of Elmia Subcontractor this autumn. And the message from the group is clear and simple. - We’re here, says Mattias Andersson, Marketing Manager at Weland AB.
Can you offer what the buyers are looking for?
24 Sep 2021
The matchmaking event, Subcontractor Connect 2021 is the right meeting place for purchasers, R&D managers and suppliers from all over Europe. Through short, effective and pre-booked business meetings, you can build the foundation for tomorrow’s valuable business deals. Swedish and European buyer...
Safe meetings secure new business at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
17 Sep 2021
Elmia Subcontractor loves safe meetings. And we love it when our exhibitors and visitors secure new business on the show floor. Between 9-12 November 2021, we'll be back physically, digitally - and safely. Here we go.
Ovako sees a bright future for a tough industry
27 May 2021
Demand for steel has never been greater. At the same time, the steel industry faces many challenges over the coming years. Ovako is responding with a clear focus on sustainability and maintaining a reassuring closeness to its customers.
Sustainability in focus as Lesjöfors prepares for growth
26 May 2021
When Lesjöfors switched to fossil-free biogas oil at its plant in Värmland in early April, it was more than just a small local change. The shift means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 90 percent for the entire group. A big step for a company that says sustainability and business g...
The industry is finaly meeting at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
16 Apr 2021
Elmia Subcontractor continues to be the important reccuring arena and a source of inspiration for the entire manufacturing industry. Now, if ever, the importance of the personal meeting is reinforced. Partly to create new business but also to start the business that has been ”on hold” dare to th...
The right technology for the right time
23 Mar 2021
Prototal manufactures tomorrow's products with the right technology for the right occasion and is always close to the customer. Elmia Subcontractor's ambassador for 2021 is proud to be an important part of its customers' success and invests in being at the forefront through investment in technolo...
The classic subcontractor is entering a digital future
23 Mar 2021
They take pride in a high level of service, invest in internal expertise and invest heavily to maintain a delivery reliability of almost 100 percent. Meet this year's ambassador for Elmia Subcontractor - the classic spring supplier, Lesjöfors, that will take traditional mechanical components into...
Manometal GmbH Our Products
10 Aug 2021
Turning parts and assembly parts of different brass alloys, stainless steel, lead free alloys and other raw materials.


Press Center - Lobby North

Elmia's press center is located on the second floor of Lobby Nord.

In our press center there is free WiFi, printers and more. Here you will also find press material, conference programs and other information. There is plenty of workspace, space for interviews and the opportunity to sit down and have a coffee. There is also access to lockable cabinets and toilets.


Press parking

The Press parking is located opposite of Elmia office, just in front of the Congress- and Consert house. You get a parking code when you press accredit yourself.


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