Elmia provides free wireless access for all its visitors and exhibitors. The wireless network covers the entire indoor area.

For the most reliable connection to the Internet Elmia always recommends a wired connection. Especially if the exhibitor is relying on the connection for commercial purposes.

Exhibitors with their own network equipment

The provided wired network is in its standard design intended for up to one computer or other network device. If the exhibitor wishes to connect more than one computer or device to the network the exhibitor has to contact their sales contact at Elmia and upgrade their connection to be able to connect more devices.

If the need for more connections arises during the fair, the exhibitor should contact the information desk and ask to upgrade their connection.

Only network equipment provided by Elmia is allowed to be used, any other network equipment is not permitted, since they could interfere with Elmia’s network. If the exhibitor still has a need to use their own network equipment in their booth, then the exhibitor has to contact Elmia AB’s IT-department and have this approved before any installation is performed.

If support is needed to get the exhibitors configurations to work with Elmia’s network or equipment, the customer will be charged regular support fees.

Elmia AB reserves the right to disconnect the customer’s equipment, if it in any way is interfering with Elmia’s network.

Important network information

Phone: +46 36 15 20 00