11 - 15 Sep 2024

Pitches at Elmia

At Elmia, at the north entrance there are 20 parking spaces. Take the opportunity to visit one of our fairs or have lunch at Restaurant Elmia. You can also experience the surrounding area such as Rosenlund's banks by Vättern, Rosariet or take part in Jönköping's city pulse.

The pitches are not bookable - first come, first serve.

  • 20 places with 10 amp electricity
  • Payment takes place in an automatic machine on site
  • Illuminated area
  • Asphalted surface
  • Possibility to fill up drinking water
  • Drainage of gray water
  • Welcome to Jönköping!

Calendar of which fairs are held at Elmia.
Restaurant Elmia
Jönköping's official visitor guide