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All roads lead to Elmia Lastbil!

Do you work with commercial vehicles? Do you build, sell or buy commercial vehicles? Do you drive commercial vehicles? Do you dream of a future on the road? Do you like commercial vehicles, and do you know how important they are for our society? Then Elmia Lastbil is just right for you.

Elmia Lastbil is the big haulage and transport event in the Nordic Area where the entire industry gets together. The fact that the fair is held at Elmia in Jönköping is not a matter of chance. The roads from Sweden’s three largest cities meet here, and for many years the region has been one of the country’s biggest logistical centres. The exhibitors will include vehicle manufacturers, bodywork manufacturers, customers and sales people, and new products will be on display here, smart construction, new technology and innovative solutions linked to your sector.

In August 2022, Elmia Lastbil will be held for the twentieth time, and of course we are very proud of the fact that for many years the fair has been seen as a natural focus for the entire haulage contractor industry. 


Elmia Virtual Tour
Elmia Virtual Tour
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