Themes for the Fair 2024

We are proud to present three main themes that will permeate all six fairs during Elmia Production Fairs 2024.

Smart Industry is about exploring and presenting the latest innovations and technologies that make industry more efficient and flexible. Technologies such as digitalisation, automation, predictive maintenance, etc. are now prerequisites for a competitive manufacturing industry.

Sustainable Industry emphasises the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and society. Visitors will learn about sustainable solutions and practices that reduce resource consumption, increase recycling and promote social responsibility in the manufacturing sector.

Adaptable Industry addresses the need for flexibility and adaptation in today's changing manufacturing industry. Strategies and solutions that help companies produce with a high degree of variant and volume flexibility are focus areas that generate strong competitiveness.  

Mikael Ström, who is responsible for Elmia 3D, Elmia Sheet Metal and Elmia Machine Tools, and Bengt Johansson, who is responsible for Elmia Polymer, Elmia Welding and Joining Technology and Elmia Automation, summarise: "We think it feels very good to have three clear themes together with representatives from our partners that reflect the industry's biggest challenges. These three themes will be evident during all days of Elmia Production Fairs 2024".