12 - 14 nov. 2024

Connecting Industrilas Mechatronic solutions

Connecting Industrilas Mechatronic solutions
We all know that a part of the future belongs to mechatronics - and we are not those to fall behind. Learn about two of our mechatronic solutions below and get connected with us!

At Industrilas, we are continuously working towards a mechatronic future and the development of mechatronic latching solutions and products. So far, we have launched several mechatronic solutions, including the Mechatronic Rotary Latch (MRL) that connects to the MRL Mechanical Override System.


With easy opening and push to latch closing, the concealed Mechatronic Rotary Latch is the perfect choice for click and collect boxes. The latch is automatically latched when a door is pushed to the closed position and then released to the unlatched position by an open signal 8-24V from an external access system. In case of power failure, the MRL is equipped with a mechanical override trigger which will enable opening of the latch.


To get the complete mechatronic system for your application, the MRL Mechanical Override System is needed. The cable kit connects a mechanical override latch to the Mechatronic Rotary Latch. In addition to the kit, you can choose your preferred latch to operate the override function and any quarter-turn, knob, T-handle or L-handle for the combi cut can be used as the actuator. Get connected with us!

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