12 - 14 nov. 2024

Innovative Aluminum Alloy to Enhance Heat Dissipation in ICT Heat Sink

Innovative Aluminum Alloy to Enhance Heat Dissipation in ICT Heat Sink
Confronted with a pivotal challenge from a client in the Electronics industry, Teamsworld embarked on a mission to enhance transmission performance and safeguard internal components from potential damage. Drawing upon its extensive capabilities, Teamsworld skillfully crafted and delivered a transformative solution.

The journey began with a thorough analysis of the client's requirements. Utilizing Design for Manufacturability (DFM) support, Teamsworld navigated the intricacies of material selection, testing, and production processes. Key elements of the strategy included aluminum die-casting, sandblasting, CNC machining, and plating.

Teamsworld proposed a structural redesign focused on enhancing the heat dissipation area of the component, effectively overcoming material-related production challenges. By utilizing special aluminum alloys with an impressive thermal conductivity exceeding 150 W/m-K, the solution not only met but exceeded expectations. The outcome was a resounding success, with the client benefiting from accelerated innovation, quicker time-to-market, and improved structural efficiency.

In summary, Teamsworld stands out for its proficiency in managing small production quantities, offering unparalleled flexibility, and tailoring solutions to meet specific needs. Embracing cutting-edge technologies, including cloud-based project management, Teamsworld ensures transparent progress tracking and seamless communication. Beyond innovation, Teamsworld is unwavering in its commitment to sustainability. With a core vision to connect the world through a green supply chain, Teamsworld actively works towards reducing environmental impact and championing social responsibility.

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Amber Chang