Seminarie om bioenergi

Seminarie om bioenergi
Under SkogsElmia arrangerade Elmia Wood tillsammans med Dagens Industri ett exklusivt seminarie om bioenergi. Var du inte på plats? Det gör inget. Det filmades och finns nu på Elmia Woods YouTube kanal.

Rubriken var "Sweden’s Role in Growing Global Wood-based Bioenergy"

Se hela seminariet (engelska).

An exclusive seminar and panel discussion regarding the value of forestry in terms of energy supply. The approach was global but with a special focus on Swedish innovation, sustainability capabilities and future potential in North America.

Keynote speaker: Douglas L. Faulkner. During over two decades Mr. Faulkner has worked to promote global bioenergy spanning both government and the private sector, including senior leadership positions for President George W. Bush. Mr. Faulkner was appointed by the U.S. Secretaries of Energy and Agriculture in 2018 as Co-Chair of the federal Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee in the USA.

Panel experts: 

Alan Sherrard, Bioenergy International
Daniel Badman, Stora Enso
Henric Dernegård, Södraskogsägarna
Helena Johansson, Länsstyrelsen
Johanna Mossberg, RISE

Moderator: Pontus Herin, Dagens Industri