Illuminate Your World with Eurener 460wp Ultra Series.

Illuminate Your World with Eurener 460wp Ultra Series.
Solar Elegance Redefined. Immerse your space in sophistication with our exclusive all-black solar panels designed for architectural integration and residential installations. Pioneering technology, superior warranties, and higher efficiency for your home.

Our new member of the Ultra family, with an output of up to 460Wp, is based on back-contact technology which, together with the use of an N-type cell, achieves an efficiency of 23.6%. The new Ultra, measuring 1722 x 1134 x 30mm with 108 cells, elegantly combines aesthetics and efficiency while improving reliability and durability.

This technology solves the problem of shadows on the active surface of the solar cells, avoiding any connection on the front side and achieving an all-black appearance for integration projects. N-type cells have several advantages over P-type cells, as they reduce LID and LeTID effects and therefore suffer less initial and annual degradation. They can operate at a maximum system voltage of 1,500V and have a remarkable temperature coefficient of -0.29%. They are also available with an IP68 waterproof junction box and Staubli MC4 Evo-2 connectors as standard.

Thanks to this series of innovations, Eurener can offer a product guarantee of 20 years and a linear power guarantee of at least 88.85% efficiency after 30 years. Back-contact technology is set to become the leading option in the photovoltaic sector, which is why we have been working with this type of solar panel for several years in our Ultra range and will continue to use them as the preferred reference for residential and integrated installations.