KONUX recieves another order from Deutsche Bahn

KONUX recieves another  order from  Deutsche  Bahn
DB Digitalizes Germany's Busiest Routes with a Landmark KONUX Switch Purchase.

Munich. DB Netz AG plans to equip another 3,500 switches and crossings with KONUX Switch, the company’s predictive maintenance system. This IIoT and AI solution predicts how the condition of certain switch components will develop over time, allowing early intervention and avoiding failures while optimizing maintenance planning.

The project volume amounts to double-digit million euro and is based on the long-term framework agreement that the two companies concluded in 2020. The following year, KONUX successfully completed the equipment of the initial 650 switches, mainly in northern Germany, planned for the first project phase. Now, in the next phase of the project, the roll-out will be extended nationwide.

Since switch failures are among the most common reasons for train delays, DB Netz AG and KONUX began digitalizing some of the busiest routes two years ago, enabling predictive and preventive maintenance. The digitalization project also included integration into the existing DB diagnosis and analysis platform (DIANA), to which approximately 32,000 point machines are also connected. KONUX Switch supports DB in making informed and data-driven decisions on its switch inspections, maintenance, and replacement programs. With its innovative trackbed and frog monitoring and prediction capabilities, KONUX offers DB Netz AG real-time insights into the current and future condition of its infrastructure. KONUX’s frog (crossing) health monitoring and prediction feature enables DB to stay informed about the condition of their frogs, allowing them to schedule timely interventions, such as grinding, welding, or even replacement, thereby avoiding costly and disruptive delays. KONUX’s predictive maintenance system is a factor in ensuring smooth and efficient operations for the rail industry.

KONUX Switch is an innovative technology that uses IIoT devices and artificial intelligence (AI) to extend asset life and reduce costs. The accuracy of both use cases – trackbed health monitoring and prediction, and frog health monitoring and prediction – has been confirmed through testing over the past two years. (Read more about KONUX Switch prediction verification)

John Patrick Steinebach, Head of Asset Management and Maintenance at Deutsche Bahn said, "The further roll-out is an expression of our successful collaboration so far. The integration of KONUX Switch into our own diagnosis and analysis system DIANA helps us prepare for planned maintenance early. DB is becoming increasingly digital, so we can bring many more people onto our trains in the medium and long term." Huschke Diekmann, CRO & Managing Director at KONUX said, "KONUX is proud to support DB’s efforts to improve punctuality as part of their current campaign ‘Digital Rail Germany’. KONUX is also working on expanding use cases, which will ultimately lead to a holistic digital switch. Overall, this order from DB Netz AG confirms KONUX’s position as a leading provider of predictive maintenance solutions in the rail industry."

Josh Taboga