12 - 14 Nov 2024

Hello Etteplan!

Hello Etteplan!
Etteplan is one of the exhibitors at the Tech Arena in Hall D. We asked a few quick questions to Kim Larsson, Department Manager, Etteplan.

Tell us briefly about your company and what you do?
- We are a technology partner who helps with product and production development. Examples of what we work with are digital twins, eco design and battery technology, in which we are leaders in Europe. We also work with mechanics and automation," says Kim Larsson, 

What makes you unique in the market?
- Compared to other consulting companies, we are more than a partner. We take a greater overall responsibility with individuals, not just consulting solutions. This makes us more recognisable in the market. We often take a holistic approach.

What are your clients' primary challenges (and how you solve them)?
- The main challenges for clients are finding the right competences at the right time "Just in time". This is especially true for technology development companies - here we are strong and can contribute with a large team. Local expertise is generally a big challenge, especially now that electrification is taking place.

What is your main purpose in attending Elmia Subcontractor this year?

- We are partly here to market ourselves in the right forum and show our capacity in manufacturing solutions with our specialist competences. We have created several pillars in battery technology, where we are leading in Europe. We are also investing more in electrification and eco-design. When it comes to sustainability, we can be a good partner to get through the journey with the new legal requirements in Sustainability.

What target group do you hope to reach and what goals have you set for the fair?
- The goal is mainly to reach decision makers for new projects in manufacturing. We want to give the trade fair forum a chance, we believe that the physical meeting is extremely important and it is good to be able to meet numerous decision-makers and customers at the same time. It is easy to book meetings with both partners and customers – it is time efficient.

What steps does your company take to reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainable business principles?
- We do a lot of teleworking to reduce travelling. We also help other companies in sustainability and eco-design, which is where we can make the biggest impact.

Meet Etteplan in their stand at Tech Arena TA8:2.