12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: whatt.io – Physical products and their digital twins, the next generation digital product passport

whatt.io is a Scandinavian-American company with a digital platform and tools for creating a relationship between physical products and their digital product information such as assembly information, material data and digital spare parts. With the help of NFC chips or QR codes, an active relationship is created with users and others where you can easily interact with the product and its information with your mobile phone.

Infinite Acoustics is a speaker company based in Los Angeles. The speakers are created by 3D printers using recycled materials, including old car tyres, giving new life to industrial and consumer waste. The company's products are manufactured on-demand in local micro-factories to minimise their carbon footprint and enable customised, on-demand production.

The manufacturing technology has been developed by the Swedish Lostboyslab, which developed both the recycled material and the manufacturing process using additive manufacturing in 3D printing farms. To support the entire life cycle, whatt.io is used as a digital platform for a digital product passport.

whatt.io technology provides manufacturers and brands with a solution to easily maintain an active relationship with the owner of the product from sales, service, maintenance to recycling. whatt.io is a complete cloud-based system for managing information about the product throughout its life cycle.

Infinite Acoustics needed a tool to tell their story, a fully transparent way to show the materials used in the product, provide direct access to support and spare parts that allow for repair or product improvements. You needed a technology that could support the product lifecycle and smartly provide information and functions that were beyond anything you had done before. They needed to digitise the entire delivery of documentation, data sheets etc. The company is a startup and under construction and therefore partners, support sites, service sites etc. are constantly changing, this was a big challenge. In addition, they wanted a system to ensure place of manufacture and date, also functions for registration of owners and change of ownership was a challenge where they simply lost the customer after they bought the product. Language and continuous dialogue with customers and maintenance was what fell on the whatt.io solution where flexibility and security could be solved.

Using whatt.io saves all costs for manuals, assembly instructions, certificates and material data sheets. You can launch a product quickly because the DPP, the digital product passport, is active and you can add more data sheets and features as you go along. You can also update with locations where the product can be serviced or rebuilt, and where it can be recycled. All available spare parts are available via a simple blip with the mobile phone, both components but also downloadable 3D printable CAD files as spare parts or extended options. Infinite Acoustics is built in 3D print factories locally and whatt.io is a central part of the delivery with all product information and support for protected 3D production files for the local manufacturer. The latest version of whatt.io uses AI to offer a chatbot that in any language helps the customer with installation, where to find support, questions about alternative products or anything else about the product's features or spare parts etc. All this is done with a simple "blip" with the mobile phone on the product (or scanning of QR code).

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