12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: Prokon and Balthzar – Do you know how efficient your production facility is?

Using data collection in Balthzar, Prokon conducts a thorough analysis and generates improvement suggestions that help Nibe reduce defective products, increase productivity and streamline its resources.

Swedish industries today face unprecedented challenges, and in a time when conditions are constantly changing and past truths no longer apply, the need to be in control of their operations is greater than ever.

In spring 2022, NIBE faced challenges in detecting and managing deviations in production processes. The challenges included uneven production flows, increased defect production and inefficient use of resources.

Through the collaboration with Delacroy and the use of Balthzar as a deviation management tool, they can take a holistic view of their customers' operations and production:

  • Data collection - Balthzar collects extensive data from different machines and fleets, including sensor readings, production logs and performance data.
  •  Analysis - With its solid knowledge of production processes, Prokon then analyses the data generated by Balthzar to identify deviations from the expected production flows. Prokon uses Balthzar to clearly track deviations and identify their sources. This can include everything from machine problems to inefficient workflows.
  • Improvement proposals - Based on the analysis of deviations, Prokon generates proposals for actions to address the deviations. These suggestions may include machine adjustments, maintenance planning or workflow improvements.

This unique collaboration between Prokon and Balthzar helps Nibe to identify and manage production challenges. By implementing the proposed deviation management measures, increased productivity, reduced defective products, better control of production flows and more efficient use of resources are achieved. The performance and reliability of production processes will increase significantly.