Elmia Matbruk

The trade fair that takes a holistic approach to today's issues around food and climate

Good food for the people and the environment

Do you work in an industry where food is produced, processed, consumed or recycled? Do you want food to not only taste good - but also do good for both people and the environment? Are you looking for inspiration, want to expand your network and do new, good business? Then you should exhibit at Elmia Matbruk.

For more than 60 years, we at Elmia have gathered agricultural actors at our fairs. Year after year. With that knowledge behind us, and with our feet in the ground, we are now broadening our perspective and taking a big step towards a completely new trade fair. Elmia Matbruk takes a holistic approach to today's issues of food and climate. We invite all players in the chain from food production to processing, consumption and recycling. This is where companies and organizations meet that want a step forward - towards smarter and more sustainable food production.

Elmia Matbruk is primarily a trade fair and meeting place for the industry. On Saturday and Sunday, the fair also opens to the public. Everyone who is interested in taste experiences, sustainability issues and primary production and Swedish food is welcome.