12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case 1: CAD configurators and e-commerce - to encourage customers to do more themselves

Case 2: CAD configurators on the web - faster quotes to dealers and end customers

CAD configurators and e-commerce - to encourage customers to do more themselves

Rollco relieves sales and order construction with CAD configurations in e-commerce - so that the customer can dare to do more themselves when quoting and ordering.  

Many of Rollco's products can be customised according to customer requirements. Traditionally, this has been difficult and required a lot of internal resources to ensure compliance with configuration and customisation rules. With rule-driven CAD configurations and e-commerce, suddenly customers can do the configuration and customisation of complex products themselves without the possibility of error, saving time and reducing errors internally.

With the help of several interactive and visual CAD configurations on the website, Rollco has both streamlined its sales processes and enabled customers to gain a better understanding of what is possible. In addition, the customer can download exact CAD files and request quotes. Rollco's website is no longer just text and images but becomes an interactive catalogue and marketplace where products can be selected, configured and a request for quotation built up by the customer or salesperson. Salespeople and experts are, of course, always available to the customer. Thanks to the customer doing more of the work himself, salespeople and experts have more resources to spend on the really tricky challenges. When quotation / order placement can be done automatically together with CAD, it also opens up great opportunities for further automation of internal processes. Everything to have a modern business that is automated but also flexible without losing control and quality.  

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CAD configurators on the web - faster quotes to dealers and end customers

SkyMaker AB delivers its cloud service DynaMaker for visual configuration and CAD automation to relieve sales and order construction at Furhoffs. With CAD configurators published on the website, customers, dealers and salespeople can make a customisation of the desired product and directly request a quote.

As a rule, Furhoff's products are always sold as customised and adapted to fit exactly into the customer's environment. This requires flexibility, advanced regulations for what is permitted and that the customer receives clear feedback on what they have been offered. Traditionally, customers have always mailed in their order, which leads to a lot of work and long lead times for sales and
order construction to configure and produce drawing documentation for a quote. Furhoffs has now launched a number of different CAD configurators directly on the website that allow customers and dealers to make a rule-guided customisation of their product themselves.

When customers and retailers do more of the work themselves, it frees up time for both sales and order construction. This leads to more time for planned sales, marketing and product improvement activities that might not otherwise have been possible. When clear technical documentation for quotations is provided automatically, such as quotation drawings or 3D BIM files, the waiting time for the customer to receive the quotation is reduced. Confidence in what you have actually ordered also increases with clear drawings, which can lead to a higher proportion of orders.

AB Furhoffs Rostfria, manufacturer of stainless steel fittings and subcontracted manufacturing from Skövde.  

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