12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: T&S Engineering Intelligence – AI review of drawings with industrial partners

Through AI review of drawings, Väderstad eliminates recurring errors, provides quick feedback to designers and increases the quality of its drawings.

Väderstad manufactures flexible and highly efficient agricultural machinery with a strong focus on new development. When a new agricultural machine is developed, large amounts of drawings are produced. Each drawing must be checked on a large number of points by several engineers in the R&D department. These checks are inherently time-consuming, and because there is so much to check, it is common to miss a point. Using machine vision, i.e. algorithms that 'see' the drawings, these checks can be automated. This is the basis of an AI review.

By implementing an AI review with Väderstad's unique design rules, a designer can now self-review the drawings with the AI review before asking a reviewer to look at the drawing.
This means that:
1) Errors are detected earlier and the number of iterations between designer and reviewer is reduced.
2) It becomes easier for new designers to learn Väderstad's own way of working, as everyone learns from the same, always available, AI reviewer that reflects internal and external drawing standards.

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