12 - 14 Nov 2024
Weland Solutions and Wexer has opened the market by simplifying the sales process. Now salespeople and customers can design customised solutions in real time and go from idea to exact solution in a dramatically shorter time than before. And they always get it right.

Weland Solutions previously faced problems with long and time-consuming sales processes, where quotes and technical specifications took a long time to create. There was also the challenge of incompatible products and errors in quotations. International resellers were not getting the attention they wanted. 

By implementing Wengine CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Weland Solutions has revolutionised its sales process. They have achieved greater international scalability and sales representatives and dealers can now quickly and easily create accurate and professional quotes with technical specifications and precise pricing. The public part of the product configurator on the dealers' websites generates daily hot leads from large companies from all over the world, which has further helped to increase sales of Weland Solution's vertical storage lifts.

Weland Solutions AB is a Swedish manufacturer of vertical storage lifts that streamline warehouse management and logistics in industry and e-commerce. Weland Solutions has several resellers (one per country) who use the configurator / Wengine CPQ on a daily basis.  

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