12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: Telenor IoT – Monitored connectivity for industrial products

How quickly and easily can you connect an industrial product using IoT Complete? With no investment in development, you are up and running in a few days and have a reliable delivery of product data to your cloud service or application. The connection is monitored and the solution requires no development, only configuration.

Our customers are working to connect products globally to utilise the product's data in new data-driven services or to be able to connect remotely to the product for troubleshooting. These solutions require new expertise and often require the integration of technical solutions from several suppliers.

This often takes a long time and drains energy from the business transformation that needs to be done at the same time. It is also difficult to monitor these in operation and to understand how to handle errors. It turns out that less than 5% of companies succeed in moving from the test phase to volume operation.  

IoT Complete helps put solutions into operation faster
We can put a first solution in the customer's hands within a week. The time to do a field installation of a connected product was reduced for one of our customers from 75 minutes to 15 minutes.

An important aspect for our customers is improved availability and quality. IoT Complete is unique in offering a fully monitored and optimised connectivity service from the customer's product up to the customer's data warehouse. We can tell the customer when something has gone wrong, what happened and how it can be fixed.

Malwa Forest is an innovator within forest machinery and produces low impact forest machine for gentle forest management. 

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