12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: CombiQ - Data-driven decisions in real time at Labotek

One of the main objectives of the collaboration between Labotek and CombiQ is to provide Labotek's customers with an attractive service offering with powerful tools to analyse data, predict trends and make data-driven decisions.

By offering its customers the ability to use data to make better and faster decisions, Labotek will make a real difference in service to its customers through attractive service offerings.

By connecting Labotek Nordic's machines to CombiQ's system, CombiQloud, Labotek Nordic's service technicians will be able to benefit from real-time data and make faster analyses. With data-driven decisions, they can ensure quality and reduce the risk of downtime. They can use the data to plan their service work and provide their customers with a first-class product.

This will lead to increased efficiency, energy savings and higher quality in production. Labotek will brand the solution with Akkasense, part of the Akkatek brand.  

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