12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: ManoMotion - Enabling predictive safety for industry

Traditionally, circular saws have stopped when they detected liquid, which usually meant that the operator had already been injured. But now we have taken safety to a new level with the Altendorf HandGuard. Using advanced camera technology, our innovation can anticipate dangers and quickly signal the machine to lower the saw blade and stop the saw in just a few milliseconds.

The woodworking industry requires operators to keep their hands close to the saw blade, and when dealing with wet wood, current safety systems are ineffective and costly. The saw blade can break, and replacing such a blade can take up to a full working day.

This downtime can quickly become costly, both in time and money. This includes repair time, consultants from external repair companies, spare parts and possible labour-related damage.

Such incidents affect not only the operator but also the company in terms of increased insurance costs, rehabilitation, loss of skilled labour and reduced productivity. It can also make it more difficult to recruit new operators.

A success factor in our solution is to integrate a human perspective in the co-operation between man and machine. We believe that it must be a mutual adaptation and not only from the perspective of the machine that the human must adapt to, which is also mentioned in Industry 5.0.

Here are some more specific benefits of the Altendorf HandGuard:

  • 1000% more security
  • Reduced downtime
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Happier workers

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