12 - 14 Nov 2024

Case: ChainTraced – Digital product passports in a metallic value chain

Our goal is to change behaviour and demonstrate the possibility of more efficient, secure and transparent ways of working within a value chain that is gradually growing and realising the business value of digital product passports.

Many can relate to the fact that compliance processes, in areas such as quality and sustainability, are currently manual and resource-intensive. These areas have previously not been prioritised within the framework of digitalisation, but mainly constituted a reactive offer delivered on demand. With the sustainability movement, the limitations of scalable working methods are now becoming apparent as customer and legal requirements are now rapidly changing.

We see that digital product passports are a target image that has the potential to address manual and resource-intensive working methods that limit the market here today. At the same time, it can add business value to product data and traceability, which in further steps constitute an important enabler in addressing important societal issues to promote sustainable products and circular business models. 


Link - digital product passport for a metallic value chain (Fagersta Stainless, Bumax AB and Bufab Sweden Bumax AB)

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