12 - 14 Nov 2024

Innovation and sustainability in focus at Adigo Drives

Working sustainably, smartly and long-term is nothing new for Adigo Drives. It's something in their DNA. Their solutions and products have been helping to reduce the climate footprint for over 25 years, and there is a growing need for their products. Meet Elmia Subcontractor's first ambassador in 2024, who knows that when you work together – you get further.

Adigo Drives AB specializes in developing and delivering customized electric motor solutions, electric motor systems for propulsion and HMI products. The company develops comprehensive solutions for its customers – from batteries to drive systems to monitoring and controls.

Peter Mayer is the CEO of Adigo Drives, a company that is in a market with strong growth. He says that their customers can be found in widely different industries; such as heavier vehicles, industry and medical technology, and the products are used, among other things, in electric work vehicles, driverless material handling carts, lifting aids and X-ray systems.

Sustainability always central

At Adigo, sustainability is not something that is only talked about. It's something you do, every day. The company has developed sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for several decades, and Peter tells us that today's customers expect a sustainable perspective on the solutions in a completely different way than before. He elaborates further: 

- We at Adigo operate in a growth market, where new demands from several stakeholders drive development forward. It is both political decisions, authority requirements and users' demands for environmentally friendly technology, ergonomics and functionality that increase the expectations of us as suppliers. Development is really fast now, and it's an exciting journey to be a part of.

Peter continues:

- Our solutions provide a sustainability effect in two different ways. One is that we replace combustion engines with electric systems, which reduces the climate footprint for the user. The second is that we at Adigo always strive to minimize energy consumption for our customers and end users, by developing the most efficient solutions possible.

Collaboration and excellence

Adigo Drives has been a recurring exhibitor at Elmia Subcontractor for many years, a platform that Peter believes has brought them both new customer relationships and business. The theme for Elmia Subcontractor this year is "Navigating change together", something that reflects Adigo's way of working. Peter describes how the company works closely with its suppliers and customers, in order to develop the best solution for the need together with joint knowledge and cutting-edge expertise. Peter Mayer says:

- The various products that we produce are usually specially adapted and unique to the individual customer's needs. That's why we prioritize meeting our suppliers and customers often, because we feel it's the best way to maintain and build good relationships with our partners. We know that they are the ones who have the most knowledge about their specific needs, and it is with our shared knowledge that we find a good solution together.

Profits with the Elmia fair

The importance of human meetings and collaborations is a common thread in Adigo's work culture, which is evident both at home and in their participation at Elmia Subcontractor. Peter describes that the fair has been a great asset and an important platform for Adigo Drives, and that it is also a very good opportunity to get an insight into trends and movements in the industry. Peter elaborates further:

- We see great advantages in participating at Elmia Subcontractor, as we know that it is an important meeting place for the industry. Here you can put your ear to the rail and get indications about what is going on in the business world. For us at Adigo, the fair as a meeting place means that we can strengthen relationships with our existing customers - and have the opportunity to create new business opportunities. We also meet our suppliers, and there too we have the opportunity to make new contacts. The benefit is that everything, and everyone, is gathered under one roof - it really is both sustainable and smart!