12 - 14 Nov 2024

Growing market demand for large size IoT bolts

Growing market demand for large size IoT bolts
The decision to introduce the new sizes was driven by customer demand and new market partnerships soon to be announced. “Our customers, especially in industries such as railways and general production, have shown a growing interest in larger bolts, particularly M22-M27.

One significant advantage of Strainlabs’ sensor technology is its scalability across the M10 to M27 range. By utilizing the same PCB and components, production costs can be reduced as the quantities produced scales up – in spite of the advanced components and high tech included in each individual Strainlabs Bolt. Furthermore, the hardware and software used in the new bolt sizes offer exceptional precision and accuracy, significantly higher compared to commonly used solutions on the market for measuring preload.

Strainlabs plans to continue expanding its bolt size range and make adjustments to accommodate the industry’s need for digitalization of bolted joints independent of application.

Csaba Madru, CEO of Strainlabs, explained, “Our current technology has already been tested with even bigger bolts sizes and we have the competence and resources to explore further possibilities should a customer with such needs approach us.”

Gösta Rydin