12 - 14 Nov 2024
Optimism and new ventures at Swede-Wheel
4 Apr 2024
Scandinavia's leading wheel manufacturer Swede-Wheel is investing heavily with extensions, new hires and market initiatives in Europe. They exhibit with a well-visited booth at Elmia Subcontractor 2023, where both customers and the skills of the future meet.
Outokumpu ranked among the top 50 companies in the world on Corporate Knight’s list of Clean200
6 Mar 2024
Outokumpu, the global leader in sustainable stainless steel and exhibitor at Elmia Subcontractor 2024, has been ranked among the top 50 companies in the world, on Corporate Knight's List of Clean Companies. They also reached the highest place in the stainless steel industry and the Finnish compan...
The key to sustainability according to Polykemi – rethinking material choices
20 Feb 2024
During Elmia Subcontractor, the polymer experts Polykemi highlighted the importance of rethinking and reconsidering. The climate footprint can be dramatically reduced with the right choice of the right material for the right product – a fact that challenges both industry and brand owners.
Bufab Sweden has its sights set on sustainability
6 Feb 2024
The two overall themes during Elmia Subcontractor 2023 were sustainability and competence. Something that suited Bufab Sweden very well with the contents of their stand. Hear Martin Älverdal, sales director, and Jonas Nyman, talent trainee, share their experience of the fair - and how Bufab Swede...
The challenges of the manufacturing industry were met with confidence and innovation at Elmia Subcontractor
23 Nov 2023
In a world characterised by complex challenges, Elmia Subcontractor creates a significant platform. Here, the manufacturing industry transforms problems into opportunities for a stronger and more sustainable future.
The future is already here - in fossil-free steel
16 Nov 2023
For visitors to SSAB's stand at Elmia Subcontractor, there is one topic that overshadows all others - fossil-free steel. And it's already here," says Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business.
Time for Swedish industry to grow with AM technology
16 Nov 2023
Their mission is clear - for more industrial companies to discover the possibilities of additive manufacturing for serial production. Amexci specialises in 3D printing in metal and is meeting subcontractors for the first time at Elmia Subcontractor.
The exhibition floor a platform for new business
16 Nov 2023
When the market changes, subcontractors must be flexible and adapt. Suzuki Garphyttan makes its debut at Elmia Subcontractor with its newly developed range to reach new customer segments.
Strong interest in industrial automation components
15 Nov 2023
Smart camera systems for vehicles with 360 view and warning lights for machines with troubleshooting and indication of machine status - these are some of the innovations presented by OEM Automation at Elmia Subcontractor.
Cutting-edge material development for advanced components
15 Nov 2023
With demanding customers in the offshore, aerospace and aviation industries, KG Fridman AB has created its own niche. At Elmia Subcontractor they will be meeting a wide range of both new and existing customers in different segments.
Hello Etteplan!
15 Nov 2023
Etteplan is one of the exhibitors at the Tech Arena in Hall D. We asked a few quick questions to Kim Larsson, Department Manager, Etteplan.
Energy storage system in focus at Elmia Subcontractor
14 Nov 2023
As pioneers in battery manufacturing and energy storage systems, Finnish Leden Group Oy has only seen the beginning of growth in an increasingly hot segment. For the first time, they are showing their solutions at Elmia Subcontractor.
Sustainability and innovation define the future interior design of BMW vehicles
8 Nov 2023
Research, innovation, and moonshot thinking. That's what has led Designworks, A BMW Group Company to open doors to new materials and technologies that will reshape the entire automotive industry. This year, BMW Design is exhibiting at Subcontractor InnoDex and showcasing its concept seats, Infini...
ChainTraced makes the link between sustainability and business simple
25 Oct 2023
In an era of climate change, we all need to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. ChainTraced's solution to its customers is to offer digital traceability throughout the entire supply chain - step by step. This enables businesses and consumers to make fact-based decisions that are crucia...
Elmia Subcontractor is back, setting the tone for the manufacturing industry of the future!
25 Oct 2023
With one month to go, we are looking forward to this year's fair, which takes place between 14-16 November. This year, just as before, Elmia Subcontractor will bring together the manufacturing industry's leading experts and innovators. This year there will be an extra special focus on sustainabil...
Wood industry by-products enable environmentally-friendly electric car batteries
25 Oct 2023
An increasingly electrified society has increased the demand for sustainable batteries. The challenge has been to find an environmentally friendly solution to today's lithium-ion batteries whose manufacturing process is associated with both environmental degradation and poor working conditions. A...
Advanced recycling through early co-operation
25 Oct 2023
The recycling industry is bubbling with innovations. The recycling group REMONDIS is at the forefront of maximising the recycling of materials and products and has adopted the concept of "design for recycling". REMONDIS will be there to talk about recycling at the Sustainability Arena during Elmi...
SkyMaker technology: Unique combination of visualisation, precision and time saving
25 Oct 2023
Forget costly fixed models and long lead times. With a passion for offering affordable solutions and promoting flexible manufacturing, the engineers from Linköping are setting a new standard for how manufacturing companies manage product design and production. They want to enable automation and m...
New brushless DC motors - made in Sweden
25 Oct 2023
High performance, long durability and minimal maintenance - Ankarsrum Electric Motors has developed a new range of Swedish-made brushless DC motors. The news will be launched at Elmia Subcontractor.
Koenigsegg found new business opportunities at Subcontractor Connect
4 Sep 2023
Last year, the Subcontractor Connect matchmaking event took place both digitally and face-to-face – a flexible combination appreciated by suppliers and buyers alike. Subcontractor Connect is, after all, fundamentally about new business, regardless of the meeting format.
Materials, methods and people at the centre
16 May 2023
Sustainability in the plastics industry is not only about recycled materials and energy-efficient manufacturing methods, it is also about the commitment of the people behind the machine.
The goal at Elmia Subcontractor is brand recognition
2 May 2023
With strong dominance in the Finnish industrial supply market, ETRA has chosen to expand westwards. And Elmia Subcontractor 2023 is the obvious place for them to plant the ETRA brand in Sweden.
Elmia Subcontractor 2022 turned challenges into sustainable opportunities
22 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlighted the world’s most pressing challenges, in a time of global upheaval. All to ensure that, together, we can find the right solutions for the future and boost the competitiveness of Sw...
Future automotive industry will demand sustainable suppliers
17 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlights the industry’s key issues, backed by the leading experts in the sector – such as how the mobility solutions of the future create new opportunities for today’s suppliers.
Exhibition floor meeting led to new business
17 Nov 2022
A spontaneous meeting at last year’s Elmia Subcontractor had a ripple effect. The AQ Group is now working with a brand new customer, and good progress has already been made.
Tata Steel’s roadmap for reduced CO2 emissions
16 Nov 2022
Sustainability and price are two hot topics in the steel industry. Europe’s second largest steel producer, Tata Steel, is presenting its sustainability goals at Elmia Subcontractor.
Be inspired by the sustainable materials of the future at Subcontractor InnoDex
16 Nov 2022
Leather-like material made of kombucha. Rooftop boxes made of hemp fibre. Or foam made of 100% mycelium. At the Subcontractor InnoDex inspiration arena, you will find unique materials and amazing designs that lay the foundation for the product development of the future.
Subcontractor Tech Arena – the next step in your technology journey
15 Nov 2022
Be inspired by concrete cases, and learn from interesting talks. Subcontractor Tech Arena is the next step in your digital journey – whether it’s AI, wireless sensors or the Internet of Things.
Elmia Subcontractor – the entire manufacturing industry's knowledge in one place
9 Nov 2022
New trends, new products, innovative materials and new solutions. Effective meetings with industry experts. Elmia Subcontractor – the trade fair that unites the manufacturing industry – once again takes a holistic view of the industry's current situation and future.
 NEVS on the lookout for suppliers for the mobility solution of the future
3 Nov 2022
The mobility of the future has already arrived. At Elmia Subcontractor, Nevs will show the new autonomous car Sango, which is the basis of their mobility solution for shared travel. At the same time, Nevs is looking for new suppliers to collaborate with in further development.
The paper battery that makes electronic products environmentally friendly
18 Oct 2022
Ditch your regular AA batteries. Now you can power simple electronic products - in principle - with a plain paper battery. Researchers from Empa in Switzerland have developed an environmentally friendly paper battery that produces electricity only when water is added.
Flexible electronics take car interiors into the future
11 Oct 2022
Tap your destination onto an electronic fabric. Or turn up the volume with a 3D-printed sensor on the steering wheel. Soplast from Portugal is taking the interior of your car into the future with the help of ultra-thin, stretchable electronics that can be integrated into most materials.
Innovative Aluminum Alloy to Enhance Heat Dissipation in ICT Heat Sink
14 Nov 2023
Confronted with a pivotal challenge from a client in the Electronics industry, Teamsworld embarked on a mission to enhance transmission performance and safeguard internal components from potential damage. Drawing upon its extensive capabilities, Teamsworld skillfully crafted and delivered a trans...
Admotion AB launching smart motors from Mini Motor
7 Nov 2023
Admotion AB in is since autumn 2023 new partner of Minimotor in Sweden. During Elmia Subcontractor 2023 we will launch Mini Motor latest BLDC smart motors.
Industrilas new Intelliclamp 3D Multifunctional Connector
30 Oct 2023
The newest edition to the Intelliclamp family - the 3D Multifunctional Connector is here!
Connecting Industrilas Mechatronic solutions
30 Oct 2023
We all know that a part of the future belongs to mechatronics - and we are not those to fall behind. Learn about two of our mechatronic solutions below and get connected with us!
Growing market demand for large size IoT bolts
30 Oct 2023
The decision to introduce the new sizes was driven by customer demand and new market partnerships soon to be announced. “Our customers, especially in industries such as railways and general production, have shown a growing interest in larger bolts, particularly M22-M27.
How we respect and live the environmental sustainability principles
15 Nov 2022
Environmental sustainability principles have always been the driving force of our development. We strive to work and live in a way that promotes sustainability and reduces our environmental footprint to a minimum. Today, we would like to present you with a few of our practices that make this poss...
Companies looking to develop their first plastic products or find a new plastics supplier and partner to join their ventures in this field often face the same problem: how and where to start?
15 Nov 2022
Companies looking to develop their first plastic products or find a new plastics supplier and partner to join their ventures in this field often face the same problem: how and where to start?
15 Nov 2022
15 Nov 2022
Do you want to know how you can use the VR technology as a tool in your daily work? Visit A03:16 to see and try our Würth Industry Nordic metaverse live.
Arginta Engineering expands by acquiring a manufacturing plant in Finland
29 Aug 2022
Arginta Engineering, an engineering industry and metal processing plant operating in Vilnius as well as Panevėžys, has signed an agreement to acquire the almost 20,000 square meter Outotec Turula Oy manufacturing plant located in Outokumpu, Finland. In 2020, the annual turnover of the plant, owne...
Pneumatic solutions
29 Oct 2021
Pimatic is Finnish leading customized pneumatic solution provider to wide scale industrial areas from pulp & paper to mining and transport applications.
Manometal GmbH Our Products
10 Aug 2021
Turning parts and assembly parts of different brass alloys, stainless steel, lead free alloys and other raw materials.