14 - 16 Nov 2023
Elmia Subcontractor 2022 turned challenges into sustainable opportunities
22 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlighted the world’s most pressing challenges, in a time of global upheaval. All to ensure that, together, we can find the right solutions for the future and boost the competitiveness of Sw...
Future automotive industry will demand sustainable suppliers
17 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlights the industry’s key issues, backed by the leading experts in the sector – such as how the mobility solutions of the future create new opportunities for today’s suppliers.
Exhibition floor meeting led to new business
17 Nov 2022
A spontaneous meeting at last year’s Elmia Subcontractor had a ripple effect. The AQ Group is now working with a brand new customer, and good progress has already been made.
Tata Steel’s roadmap for reduced CO2 emissions
16 Nov 2022
Sustainability and price are two hot topics in the steel industry. Europe’s second largest steel producer, Tata Steel, is presenting its sustainability goals at Elmia Subcontractor.
Be inspired by the sustainable materials of the future at Subcontractor InnoDex
16 Nov 2022
Leather-like material made of kombucha. Rooftop boxes made of hemp fibre. Or foam made of 100% mycelium. At the Subcontractor InnoDex inspiration arena, you will find unique materials and amazing designs that lay the foundation for the product development of the future.
Subcontractor Tech Arena – the next step in your technology journey
15 Nov 2022
Be inspired by concrete cases, and learn from interesting talks. Subcontractor Tech Arena is the next step in your digital journey – whether it’s AI, wireless sensors or the Internet of Things.
Elmia Subcontractor – the entire manufacturing industry's knowledge in one place
9 Nov 2022
New trends, new products, innovative materials and new solutions. Effective meetings with industry experts. Elmia Subcontractor – the trade fair that unites the manufacturing industry – once again takes a holistic view of the industry's current situation and future.
 NEVS on the lookout for suppliers for the mobility solution of the future
3 Nov 2022
The mobility of the future has already arrived. At Elmia Subcontractor, Nevs will show the new autonomous car Sango, which is the basis of their mobility solution for shared travel. At the same time, Nevs is looking for new suppliers to collaborate with in further development.
The paper battery that makes electronic products environmentally friendly
18 Oct 2022
Ditch your regular AA batteries. Now you can power simple electronic products - in principle - with a plain paper battery. Researchers from Empa in Switzerland have developed an environmentally friendly paper battery that produces electricity only when water is added.
Flexible electronics take car interiors into the future
11 Oct 2022
Tap your destination onto an electronic fabric. Or turn up the volume with a 3D-printed sensor on the steering wheel. Soplast from Portugal is taking the interior of your car into the future with the help of ultra-thin, stretchable electronics that can be integrated into most materials.
Collaboration - the key to smart industry
10 Oct 2022
Today, the manufacturing industry faces a number of major challenges. In the short term, it is about high energy prices, and in the longer term about meeting sustainability targets. To meet these challenges, industry needs to work smarter, not least through the use of new technologies. And new te...
World-class suppliers lift Swedish defence industry
3 Oct 2022
Mechanical components for artillery systems or hardened parts for fighter aircraft. Whatever the area, the Swedish defence industry is world-class thanks to the high level of expertise of Swedish suppliers. In many ways, this is a legacy from the classic Swedish arms manufacturers.
Introducing  the tyres containing recycled polyester from PET bottles
3 Oct 2022
Recycled polyester from PET bottles? In ordinary tyres? Yes, this is possible thanks to the ContiRe.Tex technology from Continental. These unique products are already on the market and bring Continental one step closer to its goal of using only sustainable materials in its tyres.
Green die-casting that gives unique value to it’s customers
5 Sep 2022
Both traditional die-casting as well as a focus on green manufacturing. Thanks to sustainable investments, Lundbergs Pressgjuteri can provide unique added value to the customer as well as secure new business in the future. Meet the second of this year’s ambassadors for Elmia Subcontractor - the...
How to achieve sustainable innovation with digital twins
30 Aug 2022
Sustainable. Both economically and environmentally. For Dassault Systèmes, product development isn't just about developing a new product - it is just as much about innovations that are sustainable throughout their lifecycle. The key to success? Virtual verification using a digital twin. An impor...
Product development with plastics design as a core competence
13 Jun 2022
From producing snuff containers a tenth of a second faster to developing an advanced blood analysis system. Meeting the demands of today's customers requires excellence at the very highest levels of design and simulation. Meet Jelmtech – the first of this year’s Elmia Subcontractor Ambassadors...
Elmia Subcontractor - the heart of the manufacturing industry
25 May 2022
Elmia Subcontractor has come a long way. From a meeting place for subcontractors, to an innovation arena where industry news is not only showcased - but created.
Own electricity generation can reduce the impact of high electricity prices
20 May 2022
Unusually high electricity prices are placing new demands on the Swedish manufacturing industry. The challenge is to maintain profitability and confidence in the future with electricity costs, in many cases, doubling. Gjuteriteknik in Värnamo has long since chosen its path with wind turbines and...
 Lesjöfors looks forward to embracing change
9 Mar 2022
Lesjöfors rounded off 2021 with the message "Lesjöfors has had a fantastic year with both profits and turnover at higher levels than ever before, quite simply, a record year. In November they were able to meet their customers in person again at Elmia Subcontractor.
Date change for Elmia Subcontractor 2022
9 Feb 2022
This year's Elmia Subcontractor will be moved forward by one week and will take place over the period 15-17 November. This also means that, from Autumn 2022, the fair will be held over three days.
Swedish subcontractors are doing well.
14 Dec 2021
Despite the challenges ahead, Swedish industry continues to stand strong. During this year's Elmia Subcontractor, Sinf presented the Subcontractor Barometer for the third quarter of 2021, showing a quarterly result with positive figures compared to the same period last year. - Subcontractors con...
Long-awaited meetings bring about new business opportunities
17 Nov 2021
Finally we were able to meet again - and what fantastic meetings they were. This year it was more obvious than ever that Elmia Subcontractor is the place where business begins. Inspirational conversations, targeted visitors and new business were at the forefront throughout the fair’s four days.
Koenigsegg finds new business opportunities at Subcontractor Connect
12 Nov 2021
For the first time ever, the Subcontractor Connect matchmaking event took place both digitally and face-to-face – a flexible combination appreciated by suppliers and buyers alike. Subcontractor Connect is, after all, fundamentally about new business, regardless of the meeting format.
Smart industry with AI and integrated measurement data
12 Nov 2021
Boosting competitiveness requires working smarter. Using the latest technology, HordaGruppen is honing its production process to be at the cutting edge for demanding customers.
Simple digitalisation minimises tough fault decisions
11 Nov 2021
Digitalise more. This is the challenge from the exhibitors at Subcontractor TechArena, and it’s an easy one to understand: digitised processes save time, raise quality and provide new insights. So why wait?
Global success thanks to attendance at Elmia Subcontractor
11 Nov 2021
He first started thinking during the Handball World Cup in 1993. A year later he had a firm idea. Today, cameramen worldwide can work for longer without overworking their bodies. The invention is called the Easyrig, and it was developed together with two exhibitors at Elmia Subcontractor.
Collaboration boosts product development
10 Nov 2021
When a new product is created nowadays, it virtually always contains some kind of electronics or intelligence. Jelmtech and Svep Design Center of Skåne are working together to actualise customer projects in a wide range of industries.
Cutting-edge tech companies create business opportunities for industry
10 Nov 2021
Keep up with the technological transformation – whether it’s robotics, drones, VR or AI. This is the message from tech hub THINGS, which is exhibiting with eight cutting-edge tech companies at Elmia Subcontractor.
Closing the circle to become packaging smart
9 Nov 2021
To force the pace of development in circular packaging, DS Smith have developed a tool for assessing packaging and making it as eco-smart as possible.
Future materials take inspiration from nature
9 Nov 2021
Fish scales, orange peel, banana plants. The materials of the future can be found in the most unexpected places in nature. You will find these globally unique materials – along with many innovative designs – at Subcontractor InnoDex.
World unique product graphene coated textile G-HEATEX™  will be launched at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
1 Nov 2021
During the Elmia Subcontractor Grafren AB will release the world unique product, branded as G-HEATEX. G-HEATEX™ is graphene coated textile, which supply powerful and uniform heat – being still soft, flexible, breathable and ultralightweight.
Digital transformation through collaboration with tech-companies
28 Oct 2021
A global network for new business opportunities. November 9-12 will THINGS participates at Elmia Subcontractor together with eight sharp tech-companies within everything from robotics to drones, VR, AI and computer vision.
The future of industry is shaped at Elmia Subcontractor
22 Oct 2021
Smart Industry. Sustainability. Collaboration and Expertise. At Elmia Subcontractor 2021, companies will be staking out the way ahead for the Swedish manufacturing industry. All under four main themes, turning challenges into opportunities at industry’s strongest arena.
BE Group focuses on rising steel prices
20 Oct 2021
A turbulent year with turbulent prices. The steel industry is in a critical period where rising prices are creating problems for the manufacturing industry. Now, finally, BE Group can meet its customers to discuss the state of the market - and learn more about customer needs.
Innovative technique makes it possible to 3D print in copper
11 Oct 2021
Think of additive manufacturing and you probably think of plastic components. But this needn’t be the case any longer. Now it is possible to produce 3D printed products made from 100 percent copper - creating new opportunities in extremely demanding markets.
Introducing the 100% wooden credit card
7 Oct 2021
A credit card made of wood? That works the same way as a plastic one? Now there is a unique wooden material that is up to four times stronger than when it is in its natural raw state - an environmentally friendly alternative to both plastic and metal.
Swedish, Innovative and Sustainable - Weland will be building new bridges at Elmia Subcontractor in November
28 Sep 2021
At last we are able to meet again in person. That's exactly how Weland is feeling ahead of Elmia Subcontractor this autumn. And the message from the group is clear and simple. - We’re here, says Mattias Andersson, Marketing Manager at Weland AB.
Can you offer what the buyers are looking for?
24 Sep 2021
The matchmaking event, Subcontractor Connect 2021 is the right meeting place for purchasers, R&D managers and suppliers from all over Europe. Through short, effective and pre-booked business meetings, you can build the foundation for tomorrow’s valuable business deals. Swedish and European buyer...
Safe meetings secure new business at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
17 Sep 2021
Elmia Subcontractor loves safe meetings. And we love it when our exhibitors and visitors secure new business on the show floor. Between 9-12 November 2021, we'll be back physically, digitally - and safely. Here we go.
Ovako sees a bright future for a tough industry
27 May 2021
Demand for steel has never been greater. At the same time, the steel industry faces many challenges over the coming years. Ovako is responding with a clear focus on sustainability and maintaining a reassuring closeness to its customers.
Sustainability in focus as Lesjöfors prepares for growth
26 May 2021
When Lesjöfors switched to fossil-free biogas oil at its plant in Värmland in early April, it was more than just a small local change. The shift means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 90 percent for the entire group. A big step for a company that says sustainability and business g...
The industry is finaly meeting at Elmia Subcontractor 2021
16 Apr 2021
Elmia Subcontractor continues to be the important reccuring arena and a source of inspiration for the entire manufacturing industry. Now, if ever, the importance of the personal meeting is reinforced. Partly to create new business but also to start the business that has been ”on hold” dare to th...
The right technology for the right time
23 Mar 2021
Prototal manufactures tomorrow's products with the right technology for the right occasion and is always close to the customer. Elmia Subcontractor's ambassador for 2021 is proud to be an important part of its customers' success and invests in being at the forefront through investment in technolo...
The classic subcontractor is entering a digital future
23 Mar 2021
They take pride in a high level of service, invest in internal expertise and invest heavily to maintain a delivery reliability of almost 100 percent. Meet this year's ambassador for Elmia Subcontractor - the classic spring supplier, Lesjöfors, that will take traditional mechanical components into...
Digital meetings gave the manufacturing industry a boost
25 Nov 2020
400 meetings over the course of four days. Close to 300 suppliers and 70 buyers from 26 countries. These are the figures that made up Elmia Subcontractor Connect, which ended on 13th November.
Efficiency was the word used when Scania found its new suppliers
25 Nov 2020
Twelve meetings in one day. And hopefully one or two new long-term suppliers. Tobias Camitz, Sourcing Manager at Scania, ran virtually all of his meetings during the matchmaking at Elmia Subcontractor Connect in one day. - It was very much like actually being at the fair, he says.
Lesjöfors is looking for something unexpected during Elmia Subcontractor Connect
29 Sep 2020
This year's ambassador to Elmia Subcontractor is, naturally, involved in the matchmaking during Elmia Subcontractor Connect. They hope to make new contacts with new companies in unexpected branches. Matchmaking creates the perfect opportunity for such unexpected meetings.
How we respect and live the environmental sustainability principles
15 Nov 2022
Environmental sustainability principles have always been the driving force of our development. We strive to work and live in a way that promotes sustainability and reduces our environmental footprint to a minimum. Today, we would like to present you with a few of our practices that make this poss...
Companies looking to develop their first plastic products or find a new plastics supplier and partner to join their ventures in this field often face the same problem: how and where to start?
15 Nov 2022
Companies looking to develop their first plastic products or find a new plastics supplier and partner to join their ventures in this field often face the same problem: how and where to start?
15 Nov 2022
15 Nov 2022
Do you want to know how you can use the VR technology as a tool in your daily work? Visit A03:16 to see and try our Würth Industry Nordic metaverse live.
Arginta Engineering expands by acquiring a manufacturing plant in Finland
29 Aug 2022
Arginta Engineering, an engineering industry and metal processing plant operating in Vilnius as well as Panevėžys, has signed an agreement to acquire the almost 20,000 square meter Outotec Turula Oy manufacturing plant located in Outokumpu, Finland. In 2020, the annual turnover of the plant, owne...
Pneumatic solutions
29 Oct 2021
Pimatic is Finnish leading customized pneumatic solution provider to wide scale industrial areas from pulp & paper to mining and transport applications.
Manometal GmbH Our Products
10 Aug 2021
Turning parts and assembly parts of different brass alloys, stainless steel, lead free alloys and other raw materials.