14 - 16 Nov 2023

Let’s raise the manufacturing industry to new heights this November!

The Corona pandemic has swept across the world, and the effect has been a loss of momentum in our industry. The challenges are unprecedented - and numerous. But so too are the possibilities. How do we maximize them when the world is at a standstill?

The Swedish manufacturing industry is essential. Our innovative solutions, unique competences and abundance of global leading companies mean that demand for Swedish subcontractors is high. But the near future is uncertain for society as a whole. So, it has never been more important to maintain a strong and competitive industry in Sweden.

But how can we make new creative ideas and thoughts a reality in the world we are in right now?

These new times bring new ways of meeting. Meetings must be efficient, fast and clear, meaning we all must digitize our everyday lives.
Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020 created new opportunities to find the right customers and exchange experiences in this new world.

Welcome back 9-12 November 2021!

Elmia Subcontractor 2022 turned challenges into sustainable opportunities
22 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlighted the world’s most pressing challenges, in a time of global upheaval. All to ensure that, together, we can find the right solutions for the future and boost the competitiveness of Sw...
Future automotive industry will demand sustainable suppliers
17 Nov 2022
Sustainability, energy efficiency and greater competitiveness through collaboration. Elmia Subcontractor highlights the industry’s key issues, backed by the leading experts in the sector – such as how the mobility solutions of the future create new opportunities for today’s suppliers.
Exhibition floor meeting led to new business
17 Nov 2022
A spontaneous meeting at last year’s Elmia Subcontractor had a ripple effect. The AQ Group is now working with a brand new customer, and good progress has already been made.
Tata Steel’s roadmap for reduced CO2 emissions
16 Nov 2022
Sustainability and price are two hot topics in the steel industry. Europe’s second largest steel producer, Tata Steel, is presenting its sustainability goals at Elmia Subcontractor.
Be inspired by the sustainable materials of the future at Subcontractor InnoDex
16 Nov 2022
Leather-like material made of kombucha. Rooftop boxes made of hemp fibre. Or foam made of 100% mycelium. At the Subcontractor InnoDex inspiration arena, you will find unique materials and amazing designs that lay the foundation for the product development of the future.
Subcontractor Tech Arena – the next step in your technology journey
15 Nov 2022
Be inspired by concrete cases, and learn from interesting talks. Subcontractor Tech Arena is the next step in your digital journey – whether it’s AI, wireless sensors or the Internet of Things.
Elmia Subcontractor – the entire manufacturing industry's knowledge in one place
9 Nov 2022
New trends, new products, innovative materials and new solutions. Effective meetings with industry experts. Elmia Subcontractor – the trade fair that unites the manufacturing industry – once again takes a holistic view of the industry's current situation and future.
 NEVS on the lookout for suppliers for the mobility solution of the future
3 Nov 2022
The mobility of the future has already arrived. At Elmia Subcontractor, Nevs will show the new autonomous car Sango, which is the basis of their mobility solution for shared travel. At the same time, Nevs is looking for new suppliers to collaborate with in further development.