ATVs gear up with more and more advanced accessories

ATVs gear up with more  and more advanced accessories
The trend is clear. The ATV is increasingly moving from a toy and a hobby to an active working tool on the farm.
“This is evident not least on the accessories side. The trailers are more lavish with more built-in technology to do the farm’s various tasks,” explains Staffan Svensson of Yamaha.

The stand is exhibiting innovations such as a bale trailer, water trailer, road grader and snow plough with hydraulic steering on the blade.

“The level and value of the accessories is going up, and so, too, is the efficiency,” says Christian Malm of Yamaha.

Many visitors are looking for new products for small-scale forestry at Elmia Wood. You must really feel you’ve come to the right place?

“That's true. We’re seeing a huge amount of interest,” Staffan says. “Fifteen years ago, many people sniggered and said we were selling toys. Today we get professional users as customers who have realised the advantages.

“In forestry, on the horse farm, in agriculture. The ATV’s versatility and agility attract many people.”

One of the biggest innovations at the stand is an electrically operated forest trailer:

“Our partner on trailers, Swedish-made Leja Produkter, has developed a forest trailer that you can operate on a battery without having the ATV running. Many people have shown an interest in it,” Staffan concludes.


Christian Malm and Staffan Svensson of Yamaha have noticed great interest among the fair visitors in ATVs and the developments that have taken place in accessories. Those shown here include a completely new electrically controlled forest trailer, a bale trailer and a water trailer.