Planning for Elmia Wood 2025 is underway

Planning for Elmia Wood 2025 is underway
Now the preparations for the next big forest fair is well under way. Stands must be booked, activities nailed down and the fair area planned for Elmia Wood on 5–7 June 2025.

Elmia Wood is a comprehensive fair and meeting place for forest owners, entrepreneurs, forest officials and everyone else with interests in the forest, with an atmosphere that can only be created at a real demo fair out in the forest. Here you can see the latest product news, take part in innovations and new knowledge and create opportunities for new business.

For the fair in 2025, there will be a new section of the loop, with better flows and several new passages.
- We believe this will lead to an even better trade fair experience, says Johannes Hansson, Exhibition Manager for Elmia Wood.

The knowledge loop that was a novelty at the fair in 2022, then with the name Innovation Loop, will remain and is a valuable part for educational purposes. There, different methods of use in forestry are shown, such as thinning methods and tree species selection.

- If you are interested in exhibiting at Elmia Wood, you should take the opportunity to book your stand at the Early Bird price with a 15% discount before July 1, says Johannes Hansson. Another news is that we have removed the cost of demonstrations in combination with the booking of stand area.

Hope to see you in Bratteborg on 5–7 June 2025!