NorrPlant looks south

NorrPlant looks south
“This is actually the first time in over 20 years that we’re exhibiting at Elmia Wood,” says Thomas Vestman of NorrPlant. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the response. We’re getting lots of questions and input from knowledgeable forest owners from an area that we may not normally operate in so much. But we’re also noticing a clear trend that our seedlings are making their way south. Many forest owners don’t just have forests in one part of the country anymore.”

What’s new in terms of seedlings?

“One important, but perhaps not so visible, new development for seedling buyers is that the availability of improved seeds has improved significantly in recent years. Better growing material also helps, of course.”

NorrPlant is SCA’s seedling business and consists of the Bogrundet and Wifstamon nurseries. Every year NorrPlant grows and delivers 100 million tree seedlings.

“Our seedling production is enough for more than 50,000 hectares or an area the size of 100,000 football fields,” says Thomas Vestman.

Different focus on issues in the south and north

What’s the response been like at the fair?

“It’s noticeable that we are to some extent a new player in the market in the south of Sweden, so we get a lot of questions about that. We’ve also had many international visitors and it’s incredibly useful to talk about seedlings and requirements in different parts of the world,” says Thomas Vestman.

What differences do you notice in particular when forest owners from this part of Sweden ask about your seedlings?

“Here, there is a full focus on weevils and damage from cloven-hoofed game. If we head north, these parameters are, of course, considered but the focus shifts more and more towards moose damage the further north we go.”


Caption: Thomas Vestman of NorrPlant invites you to come and talk seedlings at the company’s stand at Elmia Wood.