Increased wood use heats up demand for Espegard

Increased wood use  heats up demand for Espegard
As electricity prices soared last winter, so too did the demand for firewood for stoves and boilers.
“At our stand you’ll find equipment for packing firewood,” says Nicklas Kloo of Espegard. “Firewood stands and bags for all sizes and needs. There’s an incredible amount of demand right now. Many people want to gear up from household needs to producing much more.”

“We can’t see a peak but we predict a steady increase in the coming years.”

Who is the customer?

“The whole range, from farmers chopping wood for their own consumption to really big wood producers. It’s sometimes fascinating to see how people use big, expensive machines to produce the wood but then for the actual packing there’s a small wood stand for a thousand kronor. Firewood is still very much a matter of hand power.”

Nicklas describes a trend break in the longstanding price pressure on wood bags:

“It led to a decline in quality. Here at Espegard we’ve gone in the other direction. A little higher price but better quality. Now that’s starting to pay off.  Instead of a sack lasting once, you can reuse it maybe ten times. A sack you can trust that won’t burst. It’s economical in the long run. Not to mention the environmental benefits of avoiding waste.”


Nicklas Kloo behind the Rolls Royce of wood sacks from Espegard.