12 - 14 Nov 2024

SkyMaker technology: Unique combination of visualisation, precision and time saving

SkyMaker technology: Unique combination of visualisation, precision and time saving
Forget costly fixed models and long lead times. With a passion for offering affordable solutions and promoting flexible manufacturing, the engineers from Linköping are setting a new standard for how manufacturing companies manage product design and production. They want to enable automation and mass customisation - for everyone. This is the main message when SkyMaker exhibits at Elmia Subcontractor and its inspirational Tech Arena in November.

- We want customisation and tailoring to not be a luxury product that only a few can afford. Our cloud service DynaMaker has the potential to replace mass production in the long run and enable customised solutions for everyone. We also make it technically possible to let customers do more themselves," says Kristofer Skyttner, CEO and founder of SkyMaker.

Many manufacturing companies still see their websites as advertising brochures or digital shop windows. But with today's modern e-commerce solutions and quoting portals, the step to transforming the website into a sales channel for customers, distributors and salespeople is short. The new generation of web platforms offer the opportunity to streamline the sale of a variety of products and solutions by integrating user-friendly visual CAD configurators.

By looking beyond standardised modules and fixed sizes, SkyMaker has shown with its DynaMaker service that it is possible to offer these solutions at affordable prices. It was this conviction that drove the company to begin its journey towards mass customisation by developing modern software solutions for CAD, configuration and process automation.

Visualisation and precision
Since its foundation in 2013, the company has been at the forefront of the development of visual configuration and CAD automation. The challenge has been to find a software solution that acts as a bridge between the various customer requirements and the actual manufacturing process. This is where DynaMaker comes in. The technology provides a crucial link between the sales phase and the production of customised products, whether they are small engines or large-scale housing projects.

Kristofer Skyttner emphasises two key aspects of this innovation. Firstly, DynaMaker enables customers to directly see the desired product take shape based on the information entered. This provides an insight into what they will actually order, something that was previously difficult to achieve with similar systems.

Secondly, DynaMaker offers significant time savings. The time previously spent on technical calculations and drawings has now been replaced by an automated process that generates sales documentation and CAD files, including quotation drawings, as well as files in formats such as STEP, BIM and DXF. This streamlining has instead created space for companies to focus on creativity and innovation rather than administrative tasks.

SkyMaker and its DynaMaker technology have changed the landscape of customised production by offering a unique combination of visualisation, precision and time saving that was previously not possible. With a focus on connecting the customer's vision and the reality of manufacturing, SkyMaker continues to revolutionise the manufacturing industry.

Challenging the traditional
The technology to facilitate this exists. But one of the biggest challenges is that many companies are traditional and hesitate to take the step into e-commerce. An example of a company that has dared to take the step is the industrial company Rollco, which has implemented SkyMaker's technology on its website, which means that they now have several product configurations directly on their website. The website's images and texts have been transformed into an interactive catalogue and e-commerce platform where products can be customised and where both customers and sellers can create requests for quotations.

In the past, customisation of Rollco products was a complex process that required significant internal resources to ensure that all rules and requirements for configuration and customisation were followed. But now, with the introduction of rule-driven CAD configurations and the integration of e-commerce, the game has changed drastically. The customer can be confident that their product will fulfil all the requirements and specifications they have set out, while doing so without any source of human error. In addition, customers are empowered to download accurate CAD files and request price quotes themselves.

- Our system makes it easy for customers to be involved in the design process and see the results in real time, which was not possible before. In this way, you have all the elements needed to make a digital sale directly on the customer's website," says Kristofer Skyttner.

Elmia Subcontractor creates a meeting place for discussions.
Kristofer sees Elmia Subcontractor as an ideal meeting place to meet his customers and see their needs:
- "For us, Elmia is a perfect opportunity to take the pulse of all industrial companies and check how many dare to take the step to become more digitalised. We see that more and more people are becoming more digital, so it will be really fun to be in a context where we can meet our existing and new customers.

The Tech Arena presents successful examples of companies working to make industry smarter through digital innovation. The arena also includes a stage that will be an epicentre for inspiring lectures highlighting digital technology from different perspectives and applications. Tech Arena is the focal point for innovative solutions and paves the way for a digital future!

Curious to know more? SkyMaker's unique technology DynaMaker is available to try at the Tech Arena during Elmia Subcontractor 14-16 November.

About SkyMaker: 
Founded: 2013
Head office: Linköping
Number of employees: 6 employees
Customers using DynaMaker: Rollco, Furhoffs, Garantell AB, Skånska byggvaror.